My name is Michelle & I’m addicted to grocery shopping

Helllo lovelys 🙂 I hope you all are having wonderful days so far!
Thank you all for such AMAZING, thoughtful comments on my last post! It meant a lot that you all understand where I am coming from!

Okay so before I share with you all a bunch of the great purchases I have made within the last few days, I need to share my little mishap with y’all. Okay so the other day, I had a missed call from a random number from my home area code. They left a voice mail and I figured I would check it later. That night I had gone to Wegman’s to get some goodies, and on the way back, checked my voice mail and was left with a message saying I had overspent on one of my debit cards. Danggggg. (besides the fact I had just spent $40+ at the grocery store)… So I called my dad, told him, we figured it all out. I had been recording my purchases, but one of the textbooks that I had bought was mad expensive and it didn’t go through I guess when I had last checked the account. I need to start eating like a normal college student! haha
…Yeah right thats never gonna happen :), but I do need to keep a better on my spending!
Here’s some of the food I have purchased in the past two weeks>>>>>>


BABY FOOD! & bars

This stuff is from my school’s food Co-Op.. They have a lot of local grown and organic stuff, you can also buy in bulk and save $$… It’s amazing! Does anyone else’s schools have something like this?

Under 10 buckaroos 🙂

I got this lovely Luna Bar at the food CoOp and it was DELICIOUS!! I’d ever seen it before and I definitely enjoyed it- It’s making it’s way into the Top 3 in Luna Bar Status 🙂

I’ve also been experimenting with bloggie concoctions and whatnot, so here’s a few random eats that I’ve been able to take pictures of from the past couple of days>>>

“Dessert Sushi” from Gracie at Girl Meets Health


This was SOOOO good, especially dipped in Plain Oikos- I was in heaven, I’ll definitely be making this again- I just got a wrap, mushed a 1/2 banana, dark choco chips, and some AB

popped it in the microwave, and rolled it up and wow. 🙂 Thanks for the awesome idea, girl!

(Sorry for all the awful cellular pictures, But I borrowed Dana’s charger so my camera’s back in action!)

OHHH and I almost forgot- My school now has CHOBANI IN THE DINING HALLS!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOO! I don’t think you understand how excited this made me! (actually, I’m sure you do) Now I can put the Greek Yogurt tab on my meal plan card rather than me debit card! (saving more money-woo!)

Cue Heavenly Choir

Katie alwaysssssssss eats her Chobs frozen, so I HAD to try it… AMAZING.

Frozen Chobani with a side of Psych Stats

This tasted like frozen yogurt and I was in love 🙂

Tried these babies for the first time:

I love everything BBQ flavored so I was a little bias, but VERY good!

Today’s lunch (which I just finished) a home made egg salad sandwich-
I mixed 3 hardboiled eggs (1 whole egg, 2 whites with some ground chickpeas, cumin, lemon, and pepper)

Overflowing Eggie Sandwich

In the meantime, I need to conquer this lovely bit of laundry that has been sitting on my bed for the last 2 hours!

I have a home meet this weekend, which means my parents and broskii are coming up to visit meeeee 🙂 woo!
Anyone doing anything exciting this weekend?

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!

ps this girl is hosting a giveaway, check it out!



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Knowledge is a Curse

Hey guys! Happy Sunday!!!! This post took me a lot of time to write/think over and I would really appreciate feedback. I don’t mean to offend anyone by this, but it needs to be said…

Revert back to the days when your lunch was packed for you, you ate when your teachers told you to, and there were no complaints (except maybe to cut the crust off your Skippy Peanut Butter and Smucker’s Jelly sandwich on white bread) The good ol’ days when you didn’t THINK about it. It was easy back then.
>>Fast forward to NOW. You are reading food blogs, you don’t go near things like “HFCS” , and you know what’s IN pretty much everything you eat. It’s great that we all know how to be healthy, but there is a fine line between eating healthily and obsession. We know too much. We KNOW so much about food and have the ability manipulate our diets accordingly. I’m not saying we all do, but it’s possible. It’s possible to revert back to whatever your worst state of food obsession was any second because that knowledge is branded in your brain.
Dana and I had a great Heart to Heart last night about exactly this. About when food knowledge and desire to be healthy can lead to a point where it is no longer healthy. Both of us have gotten better from the days when we saw High Fructose Corn Syrup (God forbid) in the dining hall’s marinara sauce and swore it off for a month (true story! haha)
But we all have not so great days because we are only human. Yesterday was one of my not-so-good days (I don’t have an ED, & never did). I’m just a knowledgeable, normal girl who had a bad day…I think it was triggered by the Nutrition Analysis I had to do for nutrition class. I had a track meet yesterday, which included the typical: Oatmeal with almond butter in the morning, 2 nature valley bars, a Clif Bar, a Luna bar, a crapload of trail mix, pizza, ETC. Everything that had a lot of fat in it… totally normal for meet days because I don’t actually eat lunch because I was in the in field jumping from 12-5. (A girl needs her energy!!) After the meet, my teammates and I went out for ice cream at Friendly’s, another typical thanggg we do. HOWEVER, because I had known how much fat I had already eaten that day, I was so hesitant. I had ordered 1 scoop of Vienna Mocha chip and 1 scoop of Cookie Dough. I was presented with this:

Seeing that monstrosity of ice cream in front of me, I was like oh man, I did NOT order that much. BUT I was hungry. Really hungry. I had spent 5 hours of high intensity competing, consisting of 6 long jumps and 6 triple jumps, (Both of which I PRed in!), and had been running and doing drills all day long. I NEEDED FOOD. So I ate it all… clearly. And felt great afterward (I actually went back to my room and ate a little more ;)) But why was I so concerned before? It was because I KNEW How much I fat I had eaten throughout the day and seeing a bowl of ice cream 3x the size of what I had ordered (which I was already thinking about) made me think too much. Everyone else around me wasn’t thinking about it nearly as intricately as I was!

Sometimes I envy my friends that don’t know about food like I do. They don’t know what’s in everything, and their knowledge of eating healthily is knowing that chips are “bad” and fruit is “good”. But what I have come to realize is No Food is GOOD or BAD, or HEALTHY/NOT HEALTHY. If you love ice cream, it’s healthy for you to eat it! If you eat the same exact things day in and day out, no matter how ‘healthy’ they are, are they really all that HEALTHY after all?
Sometimes I wish I could revert back to the days where I didn’t know as much, because now that I have it in my head, I’m afraid that knowledge will never go away. This is why I think that sometimes, too much knowledge can be a curse.
Being apart of blog world, I get attached and truly worried about some girls exercising too much or eating too little, or both. I worry about the people that comment on foods like “UNHEALTHY” cakes and sweets and say how AMAZING THEY LOOK, but wouldn’t actually eat them. Your body is your temple, give it what it wants. You all know SO MUCH about food and it SCARES ME that people could revert back to an ED or have their healthy eating cross that fine line and turn into and ED. But I LOVE seeing girls recover correctly and love seeing them get healthier and HAPPIER. Reading This Girl’s Post yesterday made me sooo happy to know that some of you are truly on your way to an amazing recovery. It just scares me that too much knowledge can hinder that recovery. I love you all and pray that nobody is struggling with their own self-image/recovery on a daily basis.

I’m lucky because points when I feel like this do not come often at all… I am SO HAPPY with my body. I am athletic and very fit, allowing me to do what I love- track. I thank God for it each day. I know I’ve been blessed. It’s just dumb things like Diet Analysis, etc. that can sometimes get in the way and cause me to over-think. I hope I got down everything I needed/wanted to in this post, and I hope you can all relate and know where I am coming from. So girlies (&guys!)- what is your FAVORITE thing about your body and why? and How do you feel about knowledge being a curse- do you agree or disagree? (in regards to what I have written)

Thanks so much for reading this extra long post 🙂


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Helllllllloooo everyone! 🙂
How’s your Thursday going? Mine’s pretty good… VERY TIRING but good. I finally have time to relax now (relax =blog, woo!)… Anywhooo I’d like to give you a full play-by-play of my Tuesday.. yeah, I’m aware that was 2 days ago, but now I finally have time to go over it… get it?

For Nutrition class, Our assignment is to write down everything we eat for 3 days, and then enter it into this computer program:

And through this, we have to analyze our diets and see what we need to change! Personally, I’m not a huge fan of writing everything I eat down and then analyzing it. Mostly because I’m the type of person who will mindlessly go on Snacking Adventures, which quite frankly, I don’t feel like writing down. But for the purpose of this class- I’ll deal with it. (and measure everything, ugh.) I also didn’t like entering everything into the program, seeing how many Cals, etc. I ate- I rather just eat it, enjoy it, and be done with it. I felt like it got me thinking too much about what I was eating, I guess. Does anyone else feel this way? Or do you like knowing how much your eating/ portioning things out and knowing your calorie intake? Either way is fine: To each his own; it’s just important not to get too obsessed with the intakes, etc. I know I’ll learn a lot by doing this, and that even though I don’t THINK I need to change anything, I’m sure I could IMPROVE in some areas.
So without further adieu, here’s the my schedule, food(taken by my phone; sorry, folks!) & some of my unnecessary comments 🙂 >>>>>>>

7:30 Wake Up… woo! school!

I’m a pretty slow getting ready-er, so I made myself some Oat bran to enjoy during class:

Oat bran- To- Go

1/2 Cup Oat Bran
1 Cup Milk
1 Cup Water
1 Banana
1 Tbsp. Each Wheatgerm & Flaxseed
2 TBSP Peanut Butter

8:30- 9:55– Enjoy my Oat bran while I don’t enjoy Psych Stats class 🙂

10:00-2:00 (Yes, 4 Hours, no exaggeration) TRACK PRACTICE! (see, this is why I can’t post all the time! hehe)
This consists of:
-25 Minutes of Jogging+Warm-up Drills (did them super fast)
-1 1/2 hours of bounding, bungee work (so fun! and felt good!), “hump jumps”, and other jumping drills
-120m sprints, 2×80 meter sprints (3 minute rest between each)
-45 minutes of weight room
-15 minutes abs
-15 minutes stretching
+Ice Bath (woooo!)
(all the time is estimated, ish, it all adds up to 4 hours somehow, but *** I am not WORKING OUT for 4 full hours, a lot of it is taking breaks in between jumps, changing, resting, icebathing, etc.***)
In between Practice and Weight Room I had an apple, and during practice/lifting/after I had a Clif Bar:

Banana Nut Bread Clif Bar: You never let me down 🙂

2:30 Then I trekked back up to my room and enjoyed a whole wheat sub with some grilled chicken, eggplant, and spinach:

&some brocc

Pre- Microwave Nukage

3:00 I hopped in the shower, and got hungry…again (love the afterburnnnn)

3:10– Enjoyed this snackypoo:

I love that my Kashi Heart to Heart is in a heart shaped measuring cup 🙂

Clearly I got hungry and was eating out of the measuring cup and then realized that I needed to take a picture^^

3:30-4- I blow dryed my hair, talked to my friend who broke his leg at one of the last track meets pole vaulting :(… He showed me the bruising and the swelling, I feel so bad :/…It’s crazy what you can do to your body falling from 16 feet above the ground!

4-4:30- Straightened my hair, put on my makeup, got dressed, and ate a grapefruit:

Excuse the awful Cellular Pic, this looks terrible, but it was actually quite delicious 🙂

At 5:30 I ran, literally to catch the bus to get to my next class downtown. Legit, the bus was leaving and I ran in front of it to stop it… awesome, right?! Ha!

I had class downtown from 5:50- 8:50– Introduction to Human Development, we talked about Breastfeeding for 3 hours… kill me now. Luckily, I brought food to keep me occupied:

Some delish Decaf Green Tea:

Along with an unpictured Oats N’ Honey Nature Valley Bar

9:13 – Caught the bus back to campus, and walked up to my room in the snow and arrived at 9:30

9:45 Clearly hungry, I enjoyed some Plain Oikos with protein cookie dough 🙂

Why are you so freakin' delicious?!

&Throughout the Day, I drank 142 oz. of water.

Okay, now here comes the Self-Analysis thanks to the lovely computer program:
(IF YOU CARE, The first # is what I consumed, the second # is the amount I’m “supposed to consume” **Doesn’t take into account activity level, So Mine is skewed**, and the third is the percentage of what I took in compared to how much I was “supposed to” consume:

Basic Components
Calories 3,096.95 2,546.68 122 %
Calories from Fat 639.34 713.07 90 %
Calories from SatFat 112.26 229.20 49 %
Protein (g) 161.35 50.80 318 %
Carbohydrates (g) 527.33 350.17 151 %
Sugar (g) 183.42
Dietary Fiber (g) 80.82 35.65 227 %
Soluble Fiber (g) 19.70
InSoluble Fiber (g) 26.54
Fat (g) 71.04 79.23 90 %
Saturated Fat (g) 12.47 25.47 49 %
Trans Fat (g) 0.00
Mono Fat (g) 8.31 28.30 29 %
Poly Fat (g) 12.07 25.47 47 %
Cholesterol (mg) 123.90 300.00 41 %

1. It’s annoying because since my activity level isn’t taken into account, everything isn’t as accurate as I would like it to be (being that I am putting effort into this)- I added the activity level somewhere else and it said I was eating the right amount of calories, so that made me happier haha
2. I didn’t eat NEARLY as much this day as I do normal days- 3,000 Cals. is a decent amount of food, I probably take in 3,500/day… danggggggg (see, but I’m thinking about it… I don’t WANT to think about it! haha)
3. I didn’t include the vitamins&minerals on here, but they were all well over 100%, so woo! go me! (right?)
4. I’d rather snack and not measure, it takes the fun out of digging my hands into a a box of cereal
5. To be rebellious, I snacked on prunes somewhere in here, but didn’t write it down (but then I eventually added it to the program, so they’re on here, anyway! haha)
6. This was really not so bad, I’m just being dramatic, sorry for the complaining!

So the goal is to improve, but I’m not sure exactly on WHAT I need to improve on, yuzzherd?! So if anyone has any suggestions to help me out and let me know what I can do to improve, I’m ALL EARS! Really!

Have a wonderful rest of your day, everyone! I’m off to take my laundry out of the dryer (then fold it), THEN read blogs!!!! yay! I’m exciting to see what everyone’s eats look like!


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Finally a New Post! Woo!

Helllo everyone! I haven’t posted in a week & I’ve missed you alll!!! But I’ve been sooo busy with the first week of classes and practices etc. Unfortunately, I KNOW that i won’t be able to post daily anymore (at least during the semester!) :(… but I’ll try to get on here as much as possible to check out everyone else’s lovely blogs and keep you all updated on my life! This past weekend, I went to the first over night meet of the season and it was a lot of fun, and since I’ve been Icing my knee like CRAZY, It wasn’t horrible at all, and I ended up PRing even though my knee isn’t 100% so I was happy :).

Unfortunately, My camera charger is currently MIA so I won’t have any new pictures until I find that little suckerrr :/

BUT I do have a full day of eats from the other day, so here we goooo>>>>>

Breakfast Started off in my pretty new bowl 🙂

Nanner Oats and Walnuts

I added cottage cheese in my oats! So delicious (had it this morning with cottage cheese +pumpkin… SO GOOD!)
This was 3/4Cup Oats, 2 Cups Water (started adding more water- much better and volume-ous!!), banana, AB, flax&wheatgerm

Lunch was a DELICIOUS Multi-Grain Bagel with Turkey, Lettuce, and Tomato with Balsamic Vinegar:

I also made HUMMUS!

Before: The Preparation

(Mixed Chickpeas, lots of cumin, a little olive Oil, and BAM!

After: Carrots and Hummus Prepared on my other new pretty plate

PRE- Practice Snackeroni was an apple with TJ’s Flax Crackers:

Practice was the 1/2 Hour Typical Drill-Warmup, and since my knee had been hurting, I did the work out on the bike for another 1/2 hour:
52 seconds hard, 1 1/2 minutes slower paced biking, 35 seconds hard, 3 minutes slower paced, repeated 5 times… it took like 26 minutes, and I was sweatinnn… It was a good tempo day… and I enjoyed this baby afterward:

This flavor unfortunately wasn’t as good as i remember it :(… The Chocolate Peppermint stick LUNA still has my heart <3…

Another Snack Post-Practice:

looked cool in the toaster and thought I'd take a pic...

Some Yogurt and Protein cookie dough-ish ness with PB

DinDin included

Dining Hall Veggies!!! Yummm.....

In my attempt to avoid the dining hall I just got the above veggies and had some eggs I still had in my fridge for dinner…

Cottage Cheese Eggs!!!!!

I added Mushrooms and Cottage Cheese(amazing!)- It made them so much creamier and better!!! I’ll definitely have to keep adding it to my eggs (extra protein!?!…ask me if i mind it!!)

About an hour later I tried a pomelo for the first time!!!


Unfortunately, not really a fan :/… I’m a grapefruit girl, myself.. and the skin on this baby was way too thick for my liking…

Look how thick the outer shell is!

Andd another snack (clearly, I like snacks :))

pretty bowl makes its appearance again!

I had some Plain Oikos with Pumpkin, cinnamon, and TJ’s Pumpkin Granola! Delishhh

I don’t think I’ve done a full day of food in a whileee so I was happy to include that AND my workout, even though it didn’t have any lifting in it… but still! Like I said before, My camera charger is hiding somewhere so until I find it, I certainly won’t be able to post… but thanks for whoever read this for not forgetting about me! Haha! And Hopefully soon, I’ll be able to have another day of food posts :), it’s just sooo hard with school/track… I give everyone who does it with school and everything mucho PROPS!

Can’t wait to read all your lovely blogs while I make myself some lunch! Have a wonderful Sunday everybody!!


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On a New Path…

Hello Everyone!! 🙂
Classes have officially begun today! On Mondays and Fridays I only have one class at 9:40- Nutrition!! I just got into it last night, after totally deciding to completely re-do my schedule!! I had an epiphany yesterday- I decided that I’m gonna GO FOR IT and lean towards Nutrition as a major/ area of interest (as opposed to a Guidance counseling/English major.) I enjoy it too much, and just have to suck it up and take the science classes I have been dreading. My school doesn’t have a nutrition program, but I’ll just get my undergrad in Human Development, like I had been planning, and go to Grad school for Nutrition/Sports Nutrition/Body Image Interest. Wait, so do I have a set PLAN?!?!?? woooooo!… I decided I would regret not trying it… if all else fails & I decide its not my thangg, I can go back to the original plan (guidance counseling, etc.)- but for now, I feel like this is the BEST OPTION for me.

Anyways, In Nutrition class, we did introductions and went over the syllabus… the usual… and in the syllabus, my teacher (who is superrr nice, btw!) Emphasized this statement I’m gonna share with you:

“The foods you eat are secondary to all the other things that feed you—your relationships, career, spirituality, and exercise routine. Those are the things we call primary foods. All that we consider today as nutrition is really just a secondary source of energy. We hunger for play, touch, romance, intimacy, love, achievement, success, art, music, self-expression, leadership, excitement, adventure and spirituality. All of these elements are essential forms of nourishment. The extent to which we are able to incorporate them determines how enjoyable and worthwhile our lives feel.” (Taken from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.)

I found this quote SO INSIGHTFUL and interesting… What do you guys think? Do you think the food you eat is primary or secondary?? Please answer this- I’m really interested in what you all have to say about this. I think that this is the HEALTHY relationship we all yearn for, but being so interested in food/body, it seems as though it has become a primary form of nourishment: but in the quest to be healthy- when does it become UNHEALTHY? (sorry to go all philosophical on you guys!!) But I thought this was important to bring up and I really want to know what you guys think!

So yes, enough with this and on to food :)… In the past couple days I’ve been living off EGGS. Seriously, the most amazing food, really. They are so yummy and good for you! Oh, and I’ve discovered the art of MICROWAVING eggs (never did it before until 2 weeks ago!) I usually have 1 egg and add whites, or 2… I eat enough oatmeal, so I don’t think I’ll have to worry about my cholesterol 😉 hahah

Here are a couple of EGG Creations I’ve enjoyed>>>>>>>>

Thomas’s Bagel with Eggs, Spinach, and Laughing Cow (new Eggy addition):

Scrambled (take out of microwave every 30 sec. to beat) with Sweet Potatoes and Spinach (Last Night’s dindin) :

Egg “Patty” (the way it’s microwaved looks patty-like… even though I hate that word!) with spinach (clearly trying to use up the frozen spinach!) and mushrooms with WHITE sweet potatoes- first time I’ve tried them!- Sticking with the ol’ fashion sweet potatoes though!

OF course I have to show you the grocery shopping I did yesterday:

And my Color coordinated organization of fruit! HA!

Don't lie and tell me that's not cool

Tomorrow I will finally have a whole day of food… I hope! (Depends how I do dinner, since it will be the first meal in the Dining Hall… dun dun dunnnn!) Have a good Monday everybody! 🙂



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Track Meet Eats

Hey Everyone! Happy Saturday:) I hope everyone’s having a great weekend! As I said in my last post, yesterday I had a track meet the NYC Armory, basically it’s the place to be for indoor track meets. Personally, I didn’t do so hot… I Fouled All 3 of my Triple Jumps :/. I think it’s because I was babying my knee a lot. My coach said to take a little time off doing exercise bike and swim stuff because Conferences is really what matters.. but i want to be okay to jump this weekend,but I honestly don’t know if that’s even an option :(…

Anyway, today I decided to show you all how I fuel DURING a track meet (the name of this blog is called Snacks and Field so it makes sense!) The following is basically a schedule (including foood!!!) of my whole day, Enjoy!>>>>

Woke up at 6:15 (5 hours of sleep- wooo!)
Packed all this food for the meet:

Meet Eats: Gatorade (drank 1/2), carrots, PB&J, Dark Chocolate Truffle(didn't eat), 2 Nature Valley Bars (ate 1), Pretzel Crisps, Thomas's Whole Wheat Bagel, Trail Mix(Craisins, Walnuts, TJ's Dark Choco Raisins, Orange (didn't eat), Apple, and Banana Nut Clif Bar

I also drank a lot of water but it’s hard to document at a track meet.

7:15 Went down to Catch the bus at 7:30 & Ate some Breakfast
: 1 Cup Oatmeal (yessss- LOVE track meet Oats), 1/2 Cup Pumpkin, 2 Cups Milk, 2 TBSP Almond Butter, Banana, Cinnamon, Vanilla

Packed in Tupperware for the busride 🙂

This was one of the best “bowls” of Oatmeal I’ve had in a while… It had some time to cool and legit tasted like pumpkin pie… soo good!

We then had a 3 hour (a little more…) bus ride to the city… After I finished my oats, I attempted to sleep while listening to my iPod but it really didn’t work too well.

10:45- Arrived at the Armory and Snacked Out HARD for the first time
At track meets, I tend to get EXTRA anxious and nervous (makes sense, right?), so regardless my huge amount of oatmeal in the morning, I was hungry when we got to the meet

I then went exploring and went into the Hall of Fame. There was an awesome wall with nutrition information for athletes and I decided to take pictures for you guys… There is a lot of really interesting info>>>
(If you can’t read them, click on them to see them closer)

About an hour later, I had another huge Snack Attack, I’m serious these meet days are bottomless pit days… I once read somewhere that you burn more calories while THINKING about exercise, than just thinking about something else… Do you think thats true? I wouldn’t be surprised: I think about jumping all day and get super hungry… But then again, the nervous thing can definitely come into play so that makes a little more sense, but who knows!?

I then took pictures of a lot of my teammates running/ jumping, and on my way back up to go sit, I realized that I’m not as ORIGINAL as I thought I was:

AHHHH! The concession stand at the armory is called “Snack & Field”… really!??! Go fig, I guess other trackies have the same pun- inspired sense of humor that I do!

Then I had a pre-competition Lunch around 2:00 (ate too much bad idea for my warm up), I ate so much because I’m used to Long jumping which normally comes before Triple, but since I only did 1 event, I had more time to kill and more food to eat!

I then ran and warmed up and got my steps down and what not. My knee was annoying during but it wasn’t too bad. But by the time I was done with all 3 of my jumps, I was frustrated and ready to ice. I grabbed an ice bag from the trainer around 5:00, and ate a Clif Bar, and changed.

By 7:00- Starvation hit me, and I went to go get some Indian Food

Tandoori Chicken, Lentils, and Channa Masala over rice…I ate about 1/2 of this and had the HUGEST STOMACH ACHE EVER. It was horrible. I think it’s because I ate wayyy to fast because I was hungry, and the chicken wasn’t that good (lots of fat and bones). So I took a break, and finished it, with an even bigger stomach ache: I am so stubborn- I had to conquer it! Do you ever feel the NEED to finish something even though your stomach hurts/ you know you feel super full arleady? I do it a lot… bad habit! haha

Oh, but I didn’t eat the rice, though. Instead, I had this:


Hey, maybe Sara (and your awesome knowledge of Indian-ness) can help me figure out what this bread stuff is called- It is whole wheat, and they cook a dough blob like sideways and it heats up and forms bubbles.. I got to see them make mine. It was warm and gooey and DELICIOUS!! I enjoyed it a lot!

We ended up leaving the Armory around 9:30pm and Got back to school around 12:45… I 1/2 slept for about an hour on the bus. I got back to my room and ate this before my shower:

Bunnies make everything Better 🙂

Clearly, I’m a classy college student drinking my milk out of a red Solo cup- No bigs.

So yess- welcome to the wonderful 16 Hour days of track meets! lol The past 2 meets I competed at, I did 12 jumps (with finals for long and triple) each day, as opposed to the 3 jumps I did at this meet, so it was a little different from normal. I also usually don’t have so much free time to eat so I eat my Clif Bar while jumping. I just gotta get my knee healthy so I can get back into full-caliber jumping 🙂

Ahhh classes start Monday and everyone is starting to move in now!!! It’s so crazy- I’m excited though!
Have a good weekend everyone!


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An Edible House Contest & A Scavenger Hunt

Helllo Everyone! Thank you all soooo much for being so nice about my knee injury the other day, it meant a lot! 🙂 It’s actually a little better, I’ve just been icing a lot and trying to stay off it as much as possible. The past 3 days have been so busy, and right now I am currently packing spikes, clothes, and food for the track meet I’m going to tomorrow (I’m also trying to find good songs to buy on iTunes- so if anyone has any good music suggestions, Hollerrrrr!)

First of All, like I said in my last post, My friends and I had an Edible House Contest 2 nights ago, and it was SO much fun! We were given about 2 hours to make our houses out of whatever materials we could find in our 20 Minute Wal-Mart trip with a $20 Budget. A bunch of our guy friends had a list of criteria to judge from (Edibleness, Creativity, etc.)… And my team ended up winning (wooo!) We then all got to pig out on the wonderful houses afterwards and everyone had a really good time :)… Here are some pictures for your foodie-viewing pleasure:

The 3 Teams at Wal-Mart before the 20 Minute Race Through the store (Me, Lauren, and My friend Gail)

Some of our Materials

Working on the House

(Frosting Coasted Graham Crackers for the walls, Pretzels and a chocolate bar for the moat, Cones covered with Chocolate Shell for the castle-y look on top of Cool Whip coated cupcakes, Confectionery Sugar/water frosting with sprinkles for the icy-ground, Cool whip mixed with Blue Jell-O for the water, surrounded by marshmellows)


80% of our houses had to be Edible- and since EVERYTHING in our house was edible, we ended up getting a plastic alligator for $1 and throwing him in the moat… he was a nice touch 🙂 :

Gator Guarding our Castle

My team and our House: We made cupcakes and put oreos on the side (to bribe the judges, clearly hehe)

The “After” Pictures are basically all the houses being demolished and eaten, which is all so sad so I decided to spare Y’all 🙂 haha
These are the other 2 houses:

The Beach Bungalo

The Doll House

Sorry none of this is “Health Foodie Worthy” haha- but its food, right?! (And I had an amazing time which is what matters 🙂 )

Anywho- So Yesterday, a huge group of people from my track team (50+) had a Scavenger Hunt! This was also a lot of fun- there were 10 teams (10 cars)- My team had 6 people in a 2 door car… RIDICULOUSLY SQUISHED!! haha but it was still a lot of fun (regardless of us coming in second-to-last…)

Basically, the 5 page list included clues like doing plyos on the outdoor track in your underwear, Chinese fire drills, A picture that appears that 2 team members are naked in the shower together, etc.

Here’s one of the tasks I took part in…

Give an ATOMIC WEDGIE to a teammate... (yes, I have no shame...)

I wish I could show you more but I don’t want to put pictures up from other people on my team without their permission, ya knowwwww?

Oh, And we also had to switch clothing with a teammate of the opposite sex, and the girls had to draw beards on their faces resembling that of one of our team captains:

Dana and I rocking out BEARDS and MEN'S CLOTHING: Ask me if I mind it...

Have you ever been in a scavenger hunt? If so, What’s the craziest thing you’ve had to do?? I don’t know if I’ve ever had to do anything too crazy, but I’ve definitely done a lot of funny stuff (uh, see above.)

I’ve had a lot of fun over the past few days, and with the meet tomorrow, we’ve been practicing and lifting a lot to prepare for it all as well. Between meet prep, and everything I’ve been doing, I never have time to be bored… which i loveeee, but it’s gonna be so nice getting back into the swing of things when classes start on Monday(ahhh!!) Hopefully then, I can figure out a designated blogging-time so I have more time to read all your lovely blogs 🙂 and work on my own!

Have a wonderful night everyone!! 🙂


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