Helpful Articles

These are the most informative articles about fueling for exercise that I’ve read:)

Experience Life Magazine: Fresh Thoughts on Fitness Nutrition
-My High School Track Coach gave me this one, and it’s great. It goes step by step explaining proper nutrition for exercising!

Eating and Competing
-This one especially helps me for track, because at a track meet, your competing literally all day long, especially while waiting to jump in the pits (even if it doesn’t sound like it, sometimes up to 12 jumps a meet gets tiring!)

The Difference Between Every Day Nutrition and Training/Recovery Nutrition
-This one also has step-by-step nutrition tips and lets you know whats going on in your body!

These are just a few I’ve read, but they are all very informative!
If you have any interesting articles you’d like to share, pleaseeee do! I’m always willing to learn more!


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