The Food Sched:)

My FUEL starts at Breakfast, “The most important meal of the day”- so cliché but soo true: Usually a HUGE:) bowl of Oatmeal/Oat bran/ The occasional protein-packed smoothie, all 3 of which are most likely covered in peanut/almond butter…yum:), this keeps my energy up for the day and ready to workout whenever

Pumpkin Oats w/ PB

—> [Insert Lunch] about 3 hours after

BEFORE PRACTICE(Within an hour) I load up on my CARBS- usually a 200-300 Calorie snack about 30 minutes before my workout… It depends what you can handle beforehand, but having a 100-300 Calorie snack (low in fat) before a workout can increase your energy level and performance during a hard workout (Oh, and make sure its low in fiber, or your tummy will feel funky during the workout…believe me. lol)

AFTER PRACTICE: I make sure I get in BOTH protein and carbs to refuel my muscles within 30 minutes after my workout, the sooner the better. I usually opt for a Clif Bar(lovee),sometimes a banana with it

—> Insert Dinner Here
Usually Include a Enormous salad to get my veggies in (I usually don’t like them before practice for the sake of my stomach)

Umm…SNACKtime: Usually around 9:00ish I’ll have a bowl of cereal or some yogurt so I’m not famished when I wake up, or while doing homework.

+little snackeronies(new fav word) along the way:)

+indulgences (or else I’d go crazy)

Chili's Chocolate Molten Cake=LIFE.

+OF COURSE Waterrrrrrr:
I drink about a gallon a day, roughly. It’s still something I’m trying to figure out though (At a time I was drinking 2 gallons a day, had to pee alllll the time (sorry, tmi) hehe… and was draining my electrolytes (big NO-NO)) But keeping your bod hydrated is super important, especially as an athlete!

3 responses to “Food=Fuel

  1. Dana

    #1 fan for sure 😉

    fiber…your best friend and your worst enemy because i KNOW you know what i mean.

  2. Great info!! I’m happy to find another protein lover in the blogging community!

  3. Hehe, I love the spoon scrape marks in that picture!! 🙂 That is totally what mine would look like, although at home it would be finger marks instead, haha! 😉 Great blog!

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