You, Me, Sushi.


I finally have a full day of eats awaiting for your food-porn viewing pleasure.

Yesterday I was able to do my 2nd lift! I woke up and had some pre-lift fuel:

1/2 apple and cinnamon & a WW Bagel (+coffee)

I think I’ve found my perfect pre-workout fuel. This is keeps me full through my workout and I love it!  Before I lifted, it was a beautiful morning, so I took a walk for like 40 minutes while listening to Bruce Springsteen– I’m broadening my musical horizons from T-pain and Lil Wayne 🙂

THEN onto my lift! This included:

DB Snatch 3x5ea
BB Bench Press 5×10
BB Split Squat 3x10ea
Wide Grip Lat Pulldown 3×10
Single Leg Hammy Buck 3xea
DB Bicep Curls (alt) 3x10ea
Calf Raises 3×10

Then I came back home and did some massive, much needed stretching for about 10 minutes- I was still sore from Monday’s much more intense lift- My legs were dead!  Luckily, I was able to RE-FUEL with some delicious PUMPKIN-OATMEAL PROTEIN PANCAKES. Yup, I’m still eating pancakes for breakfast. Every day. No big deal.

Up Close and personal

Topped with Maranatha & 0%Fage>>>>

Pancakes ready for Food-Porn photography action

Rest of this morning's apple and some almonds

After this, I put my bathing suit on and attempted to even out the awful SUNBURN I had gotten the day before.  Basically, the front of me looked like a Lobster and the back of me looked like Tilapia (sorry, it was the first WHITE thing related to the sea that I could think of…terrible analogy.) Excuse it.  However, I could only sit out for about a 1/2 hour because it was so freakin’ hot outside!

I came inside, showered and did some work of my ONLINE CLASS.  It’s called the “Comedy of Mannerisms”.  It’s an English elective that discusses the humor of etiquette and poor manners in our society- Basically, I got to watch an episode of Seinfeld online, then attempted to read Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility. Unfortunately, however, I got hungry so I decided to satisfy my tummy.  Sorry Jane, food comes first ;).

I re-created one of my favorite lunches that I’ve had at a Greek restaurant at school- It’s called “Horiatiki”. Have you heard of it? It’s basically Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Red Onion, Kalamata Olives, and Feta with Olive Oil and Vinegar.  I made this sans olives…not an olive fan.

With Arnold's WW Sandwich thins

Still Hungry (Story of my life)…I got a bottle of the POM Wonderful I got in the mail last week, and combined it with ice and blended it all together.  It created an amazinggg texture, and lightened up the sweetness of the juice, so it was the perfect amount of sugary-ness.  The slush-factor was also a great addition to the super-hot day:


I really enjoyed this.  But still wanting more (again, story of my life), I enjoyed my never-fail, always satisfying, favorite snack of all time:

Perfection in a jar.

A nice, big scoop of Almond Butter straight from the jar… can you really ask for anything more?

After this, I was done-zo with snack time and needed to straighten my hair and get myself to look semi-decent for dinner with friends.  Unfortunately, I was put in a bit of a time crunch when it took me 1/2 hour to find my straightener.  It was in my drawer next to my bed… where I always straighten my hair. DUH.  Don’t you hate when you look for something for so long, but the whole time it’s right under your nose?!

Anywho- In the midst of getting ready I snacked on the following:

Brocc: Crammin' in the Nutrients

0%Fage and Frozen berries

Take 2: Mixxxxed up

Then I met my friends Erin and Catie for some sushi.  This place was pretty cool because we sat right next to the guy making the sushi so we could watch! Clearly, I had to take a CREEPER PICTURE (no flash, of course):

The Menu of the different rolls was pretty long so I had an extremely difficult time figuring out what I wanted:

The Selection

I was in between the “OUT OF CONTROL” and “SAY NO”… I chose the former.  Partially because I liked the name, and partially because I liked what was in it ;).  It had Tuna, Salmon, and Avocado with Tobiko>>>

Catie got the “Philadelphia Roll” which is salmon with cream cheese, and Erin got the standard California.  While waiting for the bill, we snapped some pix…clearly:

Erin and Me... I like to make the most embarrassing faces possible.

& I did what I do best and played with my food:

Happy Wasabi 🙂

After dinner Pic: Erin, Catie, Me

Oh, and then we went to eat ice cream- Yeahh, I like food.

Chocolate and Raspberry FroYo Topped with Chocolate Sprinkles!

They also had a red-velvet frozen yogurt which I was tempted to get, but didn’t.  The Raspberry and Chocolate still made me a happy camper, though!

Now today, I am off to do the following:

  • Go to the Library and do some homework (& I thought it was summer…fail.)
  • Dye and Cut my Hair! (I’m going BLONDER- just a lil, and getting the split ends chopped off)- Pics to follow!!
  • Blog it upp & Check out what you guys are up to 🙂

Have you ever dyed your hair? If so, what sparked the original interest? I started in Middle School when I got blonde highlights, and my hair’s been hating me ever since! But now that I’ve started- I can’t stop!!

What’s your favorite roll to get when you eat sushi?? I Need some suggestions for next time!

&My favorite question: Are you a sprinkle Person? I certainly am- I love the crunch it gives my ice cream, but a lot of my friends are very against sprinkles because they think they are “pointless”… no way. But to each his own!

Have a great day, bloggies! 🙂


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25 responses to “You, Me, Sushi.

  1. YOU ARE SOOO ADORABLE!! ahh LOVE your eats-and your pcake breakfasts! haha! LOVE the froyo too-and your cute friends!
    Ahh i do die my hair! well- i get highlights.
    sprinkles-LOVE THEM!! i love the crunch! whoo!
    roll-SPICY TUNA! simple..but so good!
    great post girl! yay for lifting 🙂

  2. traynharder23

    =D love your outfit!

    lol. i don’t dye my hair- it’s black, so it’d have to be BLEACHED first then dyed. i do want red tips.

    i just LOVE the sashimi. no rice needed! =D

    nah, no “jimmies” for me, i just like the ice cream. =D crunch from nuts is okay, tho. =D

  3. Officially obsessed with this entire post. That sushi with tuna, salmon, and avocado is EXACTLY what I wanted yesterday but they didn’t have it! So I just got tuna. And I actually don’t like sprinkles for whatever reason! I think they look pretty on ice cream though haha. Also can I just say that almond butter from the jar = my FAVE!

  4. Dana

    well i already told you this but i had that sushi yesterday too!!! great minds think alike 😉 rolls with mango ontop of them are good (this place by me made a spicy salmon and avocado roll topped with a strip of mango and the tobiko or whatever!)

    and okay i think next weekend when i come see you and then we head up to school i need some pancakes in mi vida! i am currently CRAVING ice cream with sprinkles and i may go to the mall tonight. 40 carrots? I THINK SO. i really miss you a lot 😦 and i thoroughly enjoyed reading this post (as i do with all of your posts hehe)

  5. I LOVE SUSHI! My favorite is a Rainbow Roll and a Philly Roll – anddd Spicy Tuna – can’t choose!

    Rainbow sprinkles all. the. way.

  6. ummm I love everything you had in this post!!
    sushi is my favvv and I love dragon rolls. they are california rolls with tempura shrimp inside and avocado and salmon on the outside! it is to dieee for!
    and sprinkles make me so happy but I don’t really think they taste like anything haha.

  7. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    ahh that sushi place looks amazing- they have SO many speciality my rolls (my kinda restaurant!!!) & the ice cream come, yumm. catching up w/ girlfriends is always so fun!!
    i’m like the sushi queen but as far as suggestions go, i’d say just get the craziest sounding thing with some spicy mayo in it and you will always make a right choice! haha
    and yes, im up at 5 am… my throat hurts soooo bad 🙂 sad.


  8. You girls are adorable!! Sounds like such a fun girls’ night…I love how crazy the names of those rolls are!! I’ve been highlighting my hair since middle school too, I just like to have it a little brighter than my natural color. And sprinkles? Always!!

  9. That fro-yo cone looks sooo good, I need one ASAP! I can’t wait to see your new hair style, you are already so pretty!

  10. YUM!!! Your fro-yo looks so good. I’ve tried the Red Velvet flavor and I wasn’t that impressed. I’m craving it now 🙂

  11. Hey beautiful chica!
    Yummay Pancake lovin, I would definitely have those yummers as morning fuel everyday! No shame! 🙂
    Mmmmm delicious sushi! I am not a fish eater so I always get veggie rolls with chef’s choice of veggie combo.
    Always hungry up over here too, I’m always going for the nut butter jar! Perfection!
    I”ma hair high-lighter too! And yep once you go light-you never can stop! 🙂
    I hope you have a fabulous weekend full of fun! I heart you girlie!

  12. Michelle

    I love your blog girl! I am such a sprinkles person, they may not make me feel the best afterwards but they add quite a bit to the ice cream or frozen yogurt 🙂

  13. Cute shoes! Holy cow..they make red velvet fro yo? P bought me red velvet icecream from Publix last year and it was to die for! I keep highlights year round. Sometimes we’ll throw in some lows for good measure though.

  14. nut butter straight from the jar = total & complete love.

    sushi night with the girls sounds like it was a ton of fun!!
    have a great weekend!

  15. Ooh! Can’t wait to see your new hairdo!

    I find sushi boring. So I always go for something with funky ingredients and creativity. I love baked rolls, with some kind of mayo thing on top that comes hot and melting in your mouth. And I LOVE anything roe. Fish eggs are all sorts of awesome.

  16. HOLY SUSHI LIST! wowwza thats a big one! i love spicy tuna, california rolls…im pretty boring when it comes to sushi I guess haah dont take advice from me with sushi 😉 I like some of the special rolls too, just no eel for me!!

    ive dyed my hair, nothing crazy though! some highlights, then made it lighter then darker! im not too adventurous with my hair i get so scared ill ruin it!!

  17. Your pancakes look really good! And now I reallllly want some ice cream with sprinkles, although I like chocolate vanilla swirl haha. I also love the almond butter straight on the spoon. I try to eat one spoonful every night.
    And you new kicks are so fresh looking!

  18. Your online class sounds so neat!

    Love how you blended the POM juice with ice! Looks like the perfect refreshing drink!

    As for sushi, I like vegetable rolls the best.

    I used to love adding sprinkles to my ice cream! Makes it look so pretty and colorful if you add the rainbow sprinkles! I haven’t added them to my ice cream in the longest time, though! My fave toppings are sliced banana and/or cereal.

  19. You look so cute in the pics! I’m excited to see the new hair…I’ve never dyed my hair before because I love the color. When I’m out in the sun a lot, these random, natural highlights show up. I guess that’s cheaper than getting them done! 😉

    I’m pretty boring with sushi. I stick to anything with just veggies. Like even just cucumber. I know, I know, variety is the spice of life, haha.

    Nope, not a sprinkle person, at ALL. However, my sister is, but I just don’t understand it…

  20. im so glad i found your blog! you are such a gorgeous girl!!!

    mm brozen berries in yogurt is the best! turns it into a creamy soft serve like consistency ❤

  21. Next time you go to sushi: UNAGI!

    Unagi is the best thing ever!! Ask for no extra eel sauce because it’s really unnecessary added sugar! You’ll love it, I promise!!!

    PS: I LOVE SPRINKLES, but rainbow only!

  22. Forget those friends 😉
    I’m the biggest sprinkle/jimmy girl around!! 😀

  23. Hey, are you doing okay? Just randomly realized you stopped blogging. Hope you’re just busy living and loving life!

  24. oooh gosh those pancakes look devine!
    I love sprinkles, especially the colored ones. they just make everything fun. Our local ice cream place offers free ones too!

  25. 1) Love the outfit! 🙂

    2) Can I have some sushi now, please??

    3) Chocolate and Raspberry FroYo Topped with Chocolate Sprinkles? YUM!

    Happy Wednesday!

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