Move over Dr. Seuss, Green Pancakes will ROCK Green Eggs and Ham’s World.

Hello Everyone!! 🙂

I was going to post earlier, but today is such a beautiful, gorgeous day and the weather is amazing, so i couldn’t resist being outside for it all!  Yesterday I GOT TO LIFT for the first time in a month! wahooo!!  (Pretty sore now!) I’ve been dying because I’m not a very sedentary person at all, so it was really hard… but my body and beaten up knees needed rest from hard training since August! I haven’t taken a break this long since high school so this was hard, but NEEDED.

After my lift- I fueled my PANCAKE ADDICTION (I’ve had oatmeal-protein pancakes every day for a week!)

This time I switched it up a little bit and added SPINACH 🙂

The Batterrr

This Mixture contained: 1/2 c. oats, 1 scoop vanilla protein powder, a little vanilla extract, cinnamon, 1/2 tsp. baking powder, 1 egg, a banana, and about 3 cups of spinach all blended together into a smooth texture and then make ’em like normal pancakes!

Then I topped ’em with Almond Butter and Fage>>>>

Green Pancakes Decorated!

This is my new Favorite breakfast!!! SO delicious- I recommend these to everyone!  They keep me satiated for a really long time- (which is surprising for me!) and they taste amazing! My mom said that they weren’t sweet enough for her, but everyone has different taste buds, so you can add sugar, stevia, etc to make ’em sweeter 🙂

Then my friend Catie and I went to the outlets to shop because we wanted to shop outside because the weather was nice- we got to shop and we got our tan onnn (killin 2 birds with one stone)

I brought pretzels, prunes, and a granola bar with me ( I always pack food with me everywhere because I’m always hungry, but I didn’t take pix…you know what they look like ;))  When you go somewhere that you know you will be for a while, do you pack food with you? I’m a packerrrr!


Then we stopped for some iced coffee while we were there! This was good, except i forgot that Sugar in the Raw doesn’t like to dissolve in cold coffee so i kept getting the crystals lol- I should have put in the regular crystals but I wasn’t thinkinn, O well, it was still yummy!

When we were there I purchased:

Sneaks and a wristlet

I got new converse because mine are from like 8th grade and are ripped to shreds and I wanted nice new clean ones, a Coach wristlet (that fits my phone and my camera-scoreeeee!), and my obsession: Nike Frees, I’m so pumped to wear these this summer with a tan!

Close- UP!

I like really bright colors– so these are perfect for me :)… By the way, these are for casual wear, I won’t train/run in these babies 🙂

Then Catie and I went to the mall to catch up with a friend from high school, we went to Chili’s where I got a grilled chicken sandwich with Honey Mustard, I haven’t had honey mustard in so long and I forgot how good it is!!

After dinner, we went to see Letters to Juliet– It was cute, but Catie said she saw the preview and that gave everything away :/… NOTE TO SELF: I am spending money like crazyyy- I should probably stop because I’m not making any money until later this summer when I start working as a camp counselor (but that starts in a month from now), hopefully I can cut down but I want to make the best of my summer and hang out with friends and I don’t want to restrict myself because of money!

I’ve also decided that ONCE A WEEK I’m going to cook my family dinner so I can experiment with my culinary skillz before I live in a house next year (when i need to cook for myself!) Does anyone have any suggestions of what I can cook? I think I might make a meal tonight!  I need easy, healthy meals that you’ve made and love!

I also suggest that you all take a look at This Girl’s page… she has an AWESOME giveaway going on right now and I think you all should take part 🙂

I hope the weather is amazing where you guys are!! GO out and enjoy it!



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9 responses to “Move over Dr. Seuss, Green Pancakes will ROCK Green Eggs and Ham’s World.

  1. Dana

    Okay so first we share a mind because I’ve been cooking for my family almost every night since I’ve been home so i can sharpen up my skills for our HOUSE next year!! (wooo independence!) and you know im a packer 🙂

    second of all i just got myslef a food processor today woo!!! so i see pancakes in my future 🙂 and amen to the spending money issue my wallet is looking pretty unhappy and we’ve only been home 2 weeks…FAIL. missss youuuu

  2. I had honey mustard on a veg wrap today. LOVE it!
    I think I must try to recreate your breakfast. What a great idea 😀

  3. Loving the GREEN pancakes!! I always pack food when I’m out for awhile- I hate to be stuck anywhere hungry!! And for recipes, Eat, Drink and Be Vegan has some seriously INCREDIBLE meals that even my meat-eating family loves!!

  4. HEY GIRL!
    ahh spinach pancakes-that steals my heart!!! YUMMM!!! I need to try those! im not a honey mustard girl but i love chilis!! Love you beautiful

  5. I love the healthy options at Chili’s, great to see a restaurant offering reasonably healthy dishes that taste great too!

  6. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    a few things
    1) thank you for your sweet comment on my meant so much to me!!
    2) i saw letters to juliet tonight!! sooo cute.. i didnt see the previews but the movie was TOTALLY predictable regardless
    3) honey mustard is my #1 fav
    4) outlet shopping is bombb.. did it the other day and loved it 🙂
    5) the green pancakes look pretty interesting- i must try!!!
    love you, have a great day tomorrow & congrats on being able to lift!!


  7. First time reading your blog! I’m definitely making those pancakes on Saturday morning. I’ve been looking for some good looking vegilicious ones!

  8. Green pancakes sound and look SO good! I love anything green. Maybe I can make mine green tea pancakes. 🙂

    What about casseroles? It’s perfect because it feeds a large number, and freezes well (for when you’re alone). Or risotto: it’s easy and impressive, and you can use the leftovers to make risotto pancakes, or fried risotto balls. Or just experiment with the 500 billion chicken recipes out there! Cheap and easy! Speaking of cheap…try out different egg recipes, too. Like quiches and puddings! 😀

  9. Wow am I actually the only comment to your awesome writing?!

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