Beautiful Weather and “Wonderful” surprise!

Happy Weekend!!!!!!

Wooo! Even though it’s SUMMER so everyday is basically the weekend, Saturday always seems to feel extra- special!  The past few days have been sooo much fun with BEAUTIFUL WEATHER so I haven’t had a time to get on here- but now it’s time to play catch upp 🙂

THURSDAY I went to Six flags with a bunch of my friends from school! Even though I’ve been away from school for like a week- I miss them so much so it was nice to see everyone! We also all live pretty close to each other so the trip worked out well 🙂 The lines weren’t so bad because it was a weekday, so the longest we waited was like a 1/2 hour (I timed it because I time everything…lol) I went on Kingda Ka and El Toro 3 times, it was great 🙂 Do you guys like roller coasters? I lovee them!

YESTERDAY, was a BEAUTIFUL day, so I spent most of it outsidee 🙂  I started my day out with my own Protein Pancakes Concoction:

1/2 c. Oats, 1 egg, 1/2 scoop Vanilla protein powder, 1 banana, 1/2 tsp. baking powder, Cinnamon, 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract, TOPPED WITH: Almond Butter and Greek Yogurt

Then I put all of that stuff together in the food processor & created a pancake-y texture which I put on to the skillet, Then BAM!!:

As you can see I decorated them oh so nicely- hehe… These were so good, I made them again this morning 🙂

I then ran some errands and then came back home to get my tan on!!

My backyard with my dad's tomato and basil plants on the deck

I got hungry so I decided to make myself a snack of an apple with cinnamon and Fage, but in the process of Apple cutting, a terrible, terrible thing happened:


R.I.P. Apple Cutter


I guess my apple was super tough and the METAL on the cutter couldn’t handle the strength of my Pink Lady :(… Regardless, I overcame and took the metal pieces out of the apple and enjoyed my snack:

Apples with a side o' sunshine

Then a WONDERFUL surprise came in the mail for me!!

Cute lil' bottles 🙂

The Amazing Folks over at POM Wonderful sent me a package of 100% Pomegranate Juice bottles!


  • POM has antioxidants more potent than those in Red Wine, Grape juice, Blueberry Juice,  Green Tea, and numerous other beverages
  • Pomegranates are some of the earliest cultivated fruits
  • POM can improve cardiovascular health and increase blood flow to the heart

For more info on POM Wonderful, visit their website: for more info!!

I brought one of them with me to my friend’s house yesterday as an energy booster and my friends all loved the shape of the bottle! I enjoy the taste of pomegranate so I really liked it.  It’s pretty sweet, but there is no added sugar (Or added anything), but next time I have it, I’m thinking I’m going to blend it up with ice to dilute the sweetness a little! Now the question is- Does anyone know any good recipes with pomegranate juice? Smoothies? Anything? I’m interested in all suggestions so send ’em here!! I want to experiment with this stuff! 🙂

Thanks again, POM Wonderful!!

Then, last night, me and a few of my friends from high school that I haven’t seen in FOREVER went out to Olive Garden


I got the Venetian Apricot Chicken… It’s what i always get because It’s SO FREAKIN’ GOOD! Do you ever go to a restaurant and get the same thing every time you go there? That’s my thang at Olive Garden, I don’t even try anything else!

What’s your favorite “Fast Food” or Chain Restaurant? Mine may be Olive Garden (I’m a sucker for the salad and bread sticks!)… my mom would kill me for saying that, though, because it’s not “real Italian” food! haha

Alright well I am off to the dentist for a cleaning (woo!) and then I’m going to my friend Dylan’s house to go chill by the pool with a few friends (Summer = LOVE.)

Have an amazing weekend!!!!!!



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12 responses to “Beautiful Weather and “Wonderful” surprise!

  1. girl those pancakes look fantastic!! i love using oatmeal in my pancakes to get that “stick to your ribs” feeling 🙂 keeps me nice and full!!

    glad to hear you had a great time at 6 flags!

  2. Yummy pancakes!! Favorite restaurant.. hmm.. I’d have to say Red Lobster.. I love salmon! Oh and I love Sweet Tomatoes!

  3. I haven’t been to an amusement park in ages!! I love roller coasters, but my tummy does not…I never get scared, just REALLY sick!! Favorite chain restaurant is probably Bertucci’s or Chili’s. I used to go to them after school in HS and it brings back good memories!

  4. Dana

    OH NO R.I.P. APPLE CUTTER! 😦 such good times. looked like you had a fun time though at olive gardenn yay! 🙂 as for chain restaurants hmmm i cant think of a favorite chain restaurant…i guess olive garden because i dont really go anywhere else too often? and okay ive brainstormed recipies:

    pom spiked yogurt
    pom pancakes
    pom oatmeal
    pom in a smoothie
    slushie (your idea haha just putting it down!)
    pom ice pops
    maybe like a sweet salad dressing?

    now im just making things up hahaha thats what ive got! miss you mucho 🙂

  5. i LOVE 6 FLAGS girl!! SO much FUN! yayay!!! those pcakes look GOOOOOD too!! i like unos for my chain good!

  6. I love Macaroni Grill. The Venetian Apricot chicken is a favorite of mine too. Great blog, I am so glad that I found it!

  7. I’m a wimp. I CANNOT stand roller coasters. If I’m forced to go to a theme park, I stay close to the kiddies rides like merry-go-rounds. ;-p

    I love Panera. And Le Quotidien. Anyplace with good bread!

  8. I used to really love roller coasters, but I think in my “old age” I can’t take them anymore, haha.

    I don’t have a favorite chain restaurant, but I do like going to Outback Steakhouse only because I love their sweet potato. That’s all I get there, and I guess I could make it at home too, but that takes all the fun out of it, right? 😉

  9. I looove roller coasters! And I always debate the apricot chicken at Olive Garden but usually get the soup (minestrone) and salad.. next time I am totally getting the chicken! Your pancakes look awesome by the way 🙂

  10. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    hahaha so funny because my mom HATES HATES HATES olive garden- ive NEVER even gone!!! no joke. & i loveee the pom juice- so yum


  11. dmcgirl37

    POM juice is a bit sweet for me. I love that dish at the olive garden too. I like how they have a ‘lean fair’ option. It makes me feel better about going out to eat. Although, i’ve had that dish before and it didnt fill me up!

    Dana ❤

  12. OH YEAH there are def some restaurants that I get the same exact thing at!! have NEVER been to an olive garden!!

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