Rainy Day & Some groceries

Happy Hump Day!

I’m finally getting settled into my new living quarters :)… My parents are re-doing their bedroom so they are living in my room and I’m living in the BASEMENT.  Yuppp… wonderful, ain’t it!?! LOL, actually it’s not too bad- especially after I got everything settled in.  Heres a wonderful before and after picture of my temporary room while I was  unpacking my life away



Great improvements, Right!?!

AS A REWARD FOR CLEANING MY ROOM ( I kid you not- my mom took away my car keys and told me we would go food shopping as soon as the basement was clean...ladies and gentleman- am officially 7.), Momma and I went to Costco (aka bulk heaven on earth):

Messy table! :/

They now have tubs of Fage at Costco, Life =Complete.

I ended up getting mixed greens, frozen fruit, naners, Maranatha<3, Fage, a HUGE bag of prunes, and a few other unpictured items (Roasted red peppers, salmon, etc.) That place is wonderful, I wanted to by 20 other things, but I refrained. They also had samples of CLIF bars (which we all know, I know what they taste like), but I clearly had to sample them, just in case I forget their great flavor ;).

In turn, I made my mommy and I some apple oats the next morning with Maranatha and Greek Yogurt :

This was my mom's serving, It was just prettier than mine so I decided to picture this one...

My mom loves all this stuff, and she even buys Greek Yogurt when I’m not home anymore because of it’s deliciousness!

In other news, yesterday was POURING RAIN outside. Like gross.  My friend Erin and I were supposed to go to the city, but because of the circumstances, we decided to stay in.  I decided to introduce her to the beautiful world of foodie foods.  Yup, I am converting the world.

(Oh, and Erin and I both LOVE taking pictures, so the following is a result of that)

First, we went to the local farmer’s market to get me some fruits &veggies 🙂

Way too happy about produce? Probably.

I made a cucumber and tomato salad with oil and vinegar (and salt& peppa)



Tea on a cold rainy day (these were the options)

...And this is how you pour tea...

And CLEARLY this wouldn’t be complete without cheetahs!! (She LOVED them!):

Erin with the sweet taters before they were cooked!

Can you believe she’s never had a sweet potato before?! The world is so sheltered ;).

It was a good day!! Being that it was a rainy day, it was fun to catch up, drink tea, and make some yummy food 🙂

Overall, I am happy to be home and be around my friends and family- but I do miss my friends at school (Shout out to Dana!)… Right now I’m awaiting our final grades to be posted because i got a 93.5 in one of my classes and I’m desperately hoping that it means that I got an A, rather than an A-, but I’m not completely sure… I think it may be an A- though :/… but it’s all good- I’ll be happy with either! (I’m sucha nerd! hehe)

What do you guys like to do on a rainy day for fun? I like to talk with friends, make food, or watch a movie and relax 🙂

And Have you guys introduced any of your friends to exciting and new foods?! How did they react?? My mom and Erin love this stuff!

Mucho love!



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17 responses to “Rainy Day & Some groceries

    girl you did AWESOME in classes! proud of you!! esp. with all you had going on!!!
    and you are so freaking amazing..i want to be your summer roomieeeee
    i love to RELAX on rainy days-get caught up on my shows!
    my bff/roomie LOVES greek yogurt now! YAY
    love you!

  2. thank you SO much for your sweet comment on my post, girl! you are the best.

    and how cute are you for cooking for your friend! i loooove to share my “discoveries” with those i love 🙂

  3. Oh man – can you come clean my place please!!! Wow that is impressive!
    Wish I could find that Sugar Cookie Sleigh Tea here…hmmm

  4. darn girl, you clean up niceee 🙂 (space i mean!!) hehe nice job with that!

    cinnamon spice tea sounds so good!

    on a rainy day i BAKE! or cook, or watch movies!

  5. dmcgirl37

    I think I may hire you to come clean my space 😉

    Love tea on a rainy day. Scratch that, I love tea everyday!

    hmm…my mom like hummus now? not very exciting..

    Dana ❤

  6. Dana

    Ahhhhhh!!!!! I miss you 😦 See you tomorrow though 🙂 I’m jealous of your costco trip (obsession even though I’ve never been there!). Your day looked so fun and your new room is very pretty 🙂 I also see that you have recreated the AMAZING greek salad from the place at school yayyyy!

    I like to watch movies on rainy days (we sing in sillyvile?!?! ;))

    My friends usually react like this: you’re weird. (but hey, they are missing out 🙂 )

  7. yeap she missed a lot not having sweet potato!!! 🙂
    can you believe that in the country I am coming from( Moldova, Eastern Europe) we have NO idea about Peanut Butter, Almond Butter ?!!! Glad I moved to US and found it 🙂 well, we have a lot of other goodies!!

  8. Hey gorgeous girlie!
    way to WORK that room into shape!! holy cow it’s beautiful! 🙂
    Costco is heaven for sure! I go through a tub of costco sized spring mix & spinach & apples & bananas EVERY week…yep just me flying through bulk goods!
    Rainy days=BAKING and Hulu!
    I hope the sun comes back out! enjoy your break chica! xoxo!

  9. I love that grocery shopping was your room-cleaning reward…I’d clean my room way more often if that were the plan in my house!! My parents bought me that mondo jar of AB last time they were at Costco too. When it rains, I like to cuddle up on the couch and be a bum. It gives me an excuse to be lazy!!

  10. hi!!! thanks for stopping by. you and your friend look like youre having tonsss of fun. i am not a big fan of rainy days and it always is a little gloomy, so i like to “indulge” in that gloominess and lounge around in my bed and read a book =)

  11. 🙂

    I love tea… I’m such a huge tea drinker. I am also really big on Sweet Potatoes. On rainy days I actually like to run (so long as it’s not freezing rain)… I also like to sleep and be lazy. I’m a paradox!

  12. Wow, your Costco has almond butter? I need to check and see if mine does too!

    I can’t believe your friend never had a sweet potato! They’re one of my favorite foods…yum. yum, yum.

    I introduced a few friends to hummus, and I’m proud to say I converted one of them to a hummus lover, haha.

  13. Sweet potatoes are top 10 favorite food for me. If I had a magical way to transform any potato into a sweet potato, I would do it. Your poor friend! Better late than never, right?

    Rainy days are perfect for baking and watching movies on laptops in bed!

  14. I love that you got a “reward” for cleaning your room! What a great idea to buy Greek yogurt at a place like Costco. I go through the little tubs sooo quickly! And I have definitely introduced my family to some strange foods but I don’t think they enjoy much of it! My mom is pretty open minded though and I did get her to like tempeh 🙂

  15. oh my gosh I totally didn’t know you were back to blogging!! this makes me so happy 🙂

    haha i love how your mom took away your keys. I have a feeling mine would do the same!

  16. Oh my gosh your room/basement is SO CLEAN!! My room still looks worse than your before pic. It’s BAAAAAAAAAD!! I don’t know what to do!!

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