Back in Action!

Hello Everyone!!

After a very very VERY long break, I’m back to blogging!!!! 🙂 I missed everyone and everything soooo much.  But, this break was much needed!  I needed time for school, track, friends, etc. and although I loved being here, I really needed a break.  I originally gave up blogging/facebook for lent, but then realized how much more time I got to spend with the people around me and I couldn’t give that up!! I’m sorry for taking off without warning, but it was needed 🙂

BUT… now that I finished my last final YESTERDAY and I’m done with track for right now (I’m taking a good amount of time off to help the tendinitis/bursitis in my knee to heel) I have time to blog! (as long as you guys still accept me! haha)  I’ve seen that a few of my favorite bloggies (Katie, Shelley have also realized the importance of a BREAK… but I hope they come back soon!!!)

So heres a RECAP of the past month:

Between Dana Lauren and I, we went through many, many Clif/Luna Bars

Dana and I had wayyy too much fun on the way home from our conference meet (carrots are loveee)

We had our End-of-the-year Athlete Banquet (and showed off our guns)

Went through NUMEROUS jars of nut butters


Studied my life away this past week (with a side of Starbucks)

I can’t believe that I’m done with finals and I’m going home on FRIDAY! These past 2 years have been the fastest of my life… it’s ridiculous.  Anyone else in college feel like time is at warp-speed?!?

And now that I’m done with track for the time being and giving my body a rest, I really want to try some new foods, does anyone have any suggestions? I love the blog food world, you guys come up with such great ideas!! (Green Monsters and Oats in a Jar= yessss)

This was a basic post just to tell you all that I’m back in action & that I hope to start posting regularly this summer, Hopefully you guys will actually still read this lol!!

Have an amazing day:)




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9 responses to “Back in Action!

  1. Dana

    Yay!!!! Now it wont seem like we are 3 hours away from each other 🙂

    (creepy? ask me if i mind it!!!) lolz.

  2. HEY GIRL!!
    aww looks like youve TOTALLY been enjoying yourself!! so exciting!!! you are so cute!

  3. omg, they should sponsor you guys for eating so many clif/luna bars 🙂 haha.

  4. Hey chica!!
    excited to see you back! holy dang that’s a TON of clif/Luna’s! heck yes to the starbuck’s “study buddy” !! hehehe…loveeee!
    I hope you’ve had a fabulous start to your summer!

  5. Welcome Back!

    I haven’t been posting as frequently either. It happens! Sorry about the injury, but how did the season turn out otherwise?

    Do tell!

  6. Hi michelle! I’m michelle too! I’m new to your blog, but am lovin how fun it is to read!! Luna bars really are awesome…and i have yet to try oats in a jar, but YUM! SOon!!

  7. Yay you’re back!

    Have you considered trying a whole new cuisine? You can dine out first at a restaurant, consider which dishes you like, and try making it at home!

    Hee hee, I recommend Korean…;-)

  8. i love the cliff bar pile! you are too cute 🙂

  9. justjac

    College= warp speed for sure! It’s craziness!!

    That is a ridiculous amount of bars, love it!! Omg you guys must be bar connoisseurby now!! Love all the lunas and powerbars!!!

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