On a New Path…

Hello Everyone!! 🙂
Classes have officially begun today! On Mondays and Fridays I only have one class at 9:40- Nutrition!! I just got into it last night, after totally deciding to completely re-do my schedule!! I had an epiphany yesterday- I decided that I’m gonna GO FOR IT and lean towards Nutrition as a major/ area of interest (as opposed to a Guidance counseling/English major.) I enjoy it too much, and just have to suck it up and take the science classes I have been dreading. My school doesn’t have a nutrition program, but I’ll just get my undergrad in Human Development, like I had been planning, and go to Grad school for Nutrition/Sports Nutrition/Body Image Interest. Wait, so do I have a set PLAN?!?!?? woooooo!… I decided I would regret not trying it… if all else fails & I decide its not my thangg, I can go back to the original plan (guidance counseling, etc.)- but for now, I feel like this is the BEST OPTION for me.

Anyways, In Nutrition class, we did introductions and went over the syllabus… the usual… and in the syllabus, my teacher (who is superrr nice, btw!) Emphasized this statement I’m gonna share with you:

“The foods you eat are secondary to all the other things that feed you—your relationships, career, spirituality, and exercise routine. Those are the things we call primary foods. All that we consider today as nutrition is really just a secondary source of energy. We hunger for play, touch, romance, intimacy, love, achievement, success, art, music, self-expression, leadership, excitement, adventure and spirituality. All of these elements are essential forms of nourishment. The extent to which we are able to incorporate them determines how enjoyable and worthwhile our lives feel.” (Taken from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.)

I found this quote SO INSIGHTFUL and interesting… What do you guys think? Do you think the food you eat is primary or secondary?? Please answer this- I’m really interested in what you all have to say about this. I think that this is the HEALTHY relationship we all yearn for, but being so interested in food/body, it seems as though it has become a primary form of nourishment: but in the quest to be healthy- when does it become UNHEALTHY? (sorry to go all philosophical on you guys!!) But I thought this was important to bring up and I really want to know what you guys think!

So yes, enough with this and on to food :)… In the past couple days I’ve been living off EGGS. Seriously, the most amazing food, really. They are so yummy and good for you! Oh, and I’ve discovered the art of MICROWAVING eggs (never did it before until 2 weeks ago!) I usually have 1 egg and add whites, or 2… I eat enough oatmeal, so I don’t think I’ll have to worry about my cholesterol 😉 hahah

Here are a couple of EGG Creations I’ve enjoyed>>>>>>>>

Thomas’s Bagel with Eggs, Spinach, and Laughing Cow (new Eggy addition):

Scrambled (take out of microwave every 30 sec. to beat) with Sweet Potatoes and Spinach (Last Night’s dindin) :

Egg “Patty” (the way it’s microwaved looks patty-like… even though I hate that word!) with spinach (clearly trying to use up the frozen spinach!) and mushrooms with WHITE sweet potatoes- first time I’ve tried them!- Sticking with the ol’ fashion sweet potatoes though!

OF course I have to show you the grocery shopping I did yesterday:

And my Color coordinated organization of fruit! HA!

Don't lie and tell me that's not cool

Tomorrow I will finally have a whole day of food… I hope! (Depends how I do dinner, since it will be the first meal in the Dining Hall… dun dun dunnnn!) Have a good Monday everybody! 🙂




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14 responses to “On a New Path…

  1. YAY for eggs!! arent they like, college life savers?! i go through weeks where i eat them for about EVERY meal! that quote is super interesting..thats AWESOME about nutrition!! you would be a BALLIN nutritionist!!

  2. Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce

    love the color coordination system, haha. good for you! it’s awesome to have an idea of what you want to do with your school/career life! i can totally picture you working in the field of health/nutrition. funny, i was enrolled in nutrition this semester but after looking at the syllabus i decided to drop it bc i think it’s too soon after having an ED to leap back in all of that. but i’m hoping to take it in the fall, it sounds so interesting and i bet you’ll llvoe it!

  3. WHOA amazzzing quote! I love it! And you’ll CRUSH those science classes, girl, no worries. You’re gonna do great!

  4. I love eggs, I like them with laughing cow cheese too, good stuff!

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  5. Congrats on a plan!!! That sounds like an amazy, an amazing opportunity and I love your nutrition prof. already!!!
    I think the food I eat is secondary, but the love of food, its preparation, its growth, its science, its flavors- that passion is definatly a primary aspect. It feeds my creativity (or my creativity feeds it?? Either way that statement sounds weird! :-))

    The fruit spectrum is awesome and I love eggs too. They’re so inexpensive and virtually a perfect food.

  6. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    ahh im looking forward to your dining hall meals!! hahah. i think it is awesome you are going for what you think you are passionate about ❤ i just decided to go for psych instead of business and i feel so happy with my decision!! great eats


  7. Haha just realised I bought the exact same Kashi cereal as you today 😉
    Nutrition is really interesting- that quote is also fascinating but I think that both food and the other nourishments are equally important- however, the so called primary nourishments wouldn’t be possible without food. Food is our batteries…what keeps us alive and allows us to nurture relationships, study, have careers, etc. But all the more interesting nonetheless!

  8. Wow, Michelle!!! What a huge step for you! I’m glad you’ve realized your true interests, and aren’t afraid to pursue it!

    AND OMG !!!!! I LOVEEEE that quote!! That’s what my dad tells me all the time, and it’s what I’m trying to live by too. Life is too short to obsess over physical nutrition…when the primary source of health is more than physical food!

  9. I think there are 2 types of people in this world. The LOVE TO EAT and the EAT TO LIVE. I am not saying that you always fit into one category all the time but overalll I think you could stick yourself into one of the above types. I am definitely a LOVE TO EAT girl. I love food and I love to taste and try foods. My husband is the opposite he is basically an EAT TO LIVE guy. Just give him food as fuel and move on! Neither is better than the other…just different!

    Congrats on the major change! You will LOVE it!

  10. I’m so happy for you! I wish I had realized/had the guts to do nutrition earlier in my college career! Definitely worth the science! I’ve been obsessed with eggs too lately – they’re just soooo good and versatile. And I love your rainbow of fruit :0)

  11. My “favorite person ever” (because god forbid I call him my boyfriend… even though that’s what he is…) went to IIN. We learned so much from there (even though I didn’t go). So, obviously I’m accustomed to thinking about primary foods as friends, career, having money to do things that make me happy, physical activities, relationships. and secondary foods are all the stuff I eat. Good luck with the science classes!

  12. I just copied and pasted the quote from your book. I LOVE it!! So insightful. I would’ve never thought that it’d have come from a nutrition text book!

    Even though I would have never thought of that on my own, I’d have to agree with that statement. Or, at least I want to. What I mean is that I often make food a priority over those other things like relationships, hobbies, etc. I guess because food for me *is* a hobby. But I don’t want it to be that way! I want my relationships and accomplishments in life to be my top priority for sure.

    Thanks so much for posting that! xoxo G

  13. Eggs look great! Packed with protein!

  14. Meg

    Hey girl 🙂 LOVE the eats – I love how you color coordinated your produce, HA – that’s an amazing and creative idea, might hafta take you up on that one 😛

    Hope you’re having a beautiful weekend so far!

    Enjoy it and stay toasty warm 🙂

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