Alllll over the place

HELLO! I have missed you all so much 🙂
Like the title of this post says- Everything lately has been all over the placeI have been all over the place (hence why it’s been a few days since my last post!)…So in the spirit of things being all over the place (I wonder how many times I can say that…)-I’ll try to recap you on my life, my food, and my activities within the last few days (which as been, well… all over the place) !

Saturday– We had our track meet WOO! I did pretty well but it wasn’t too competitive of a meet so it was hard to get as psyched up as I would have wanted to be prior to jumping… My knee was also super aggravated 😦 so I stopped jumping after my first jump in triple jump finals to play it safe. I’ve been icing and such so hopefully It’ll be better as soon as possible so I’m okay for our next meet this Friday 🙂
Sunday, We had practice 8x200s the day after the meet, ugh… at least they were “tempo pace”… Dana and I made pasta and pasta sauce… Delicioso! (No pics tho :/)… we also started making a scavenger hunt list for the SCAVENGER HUNT we will be having tomorrow (there WILL be pics of this, though!) Have you ever had a scavenger hunt? If so, any good ideas??
Monday We had practice again, I didn’t do a lot of the jumping stuff because of my knee, so I was really frustrated and we lifted after… I’m sure if you have ever had an injury preventing you from fully doing a work out, you’ve been frustrated too! I ended up using the leftover pasta sauce and concocting Dinner for myself: I sautéed garlic, onions, zucchini, and squash in olive oil and mixed it with sauce and black beans… it was sooo good and sooo easy and quick:)

Today I finished the 2nd season of Gossip Girl! (woo!) I know, I’m behind, but I’m working on it ;)… AND we went upstairs to listen to a few of my friends on the team play guitar/drums etc.. (it was so loud you could hear it throughout the dorm) and my TRACK COACH was playing the guitar with 2 of the boys on the team!!! (It was so funny that our coach was in our dorm building hahah)
Other than that, we did some grocery shopping

Today's Purchases

I also saw a Pomelo in real life for the first time. And since I’ve seen a few bloggies have enjoyed these babies- I needed to get myself one 🙂

Pomelo... HUGE.

Tonight’s Plans include an EDIBLE HOUSE CONTEST. Yes, this is gonna be great :)- We have to create houses out of food- we have $20 and 20 minutes in the supermarket and 1 1/2 hours to create edible houses… I will definitely take pics and fill you all in- this is such a foodie activity, so I figured you’d all appreciate it 😉 hehe…

Other snacks/food I have enjoyed lately are:

Apple Oats with Baby Food

Baby food Apples 🙂

Food always looks prettier with natural sunlight 🙂

“Pumpkin Pie” WITH Oikos, AB, and Annie’s Graham Bunnies

Why hello there, food porn.

Bunnies Exposed: UpClose&Personal

I also purchased one of the coolest things ever (okay maybe not, but still cool)…

Brown Paper Bag or Insulated Amazingness?!

Yup- This Thermos bag looks like the Standard All-American Lunch Bag, but in reality, it’s an insulated lunch bag… scoree:) I love it, it’ll keep my veggies and sandwiches cold!

Alright, I’m off to eat dinner and engineer an edible house (so pumped!)
Hopefully I’ll post tomorrow to let you all know how the house building goes!!!
I’ll leave you all with the song that Lauren and I have been obsessed with lately

(Oh, and the fact that the video happens in a supermarket makes it 10x better!)




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12 responses to “Alllll over the place

  1. Omg, your pumpkin pie looks so delicious and amazing! I bet those bunnies on top really add a lot of fun to it!! 🙂

    Adorable lunch bag – so clever!! 🙂

  2. That lunch bag is adorable…where is that from? I am guilty about still using the paper bag (bad for the environment…ah!) but I love the idea of carrying one that looks like a paper bag! (I am not so much the froo-froo type so this is perfect!)

    Also..the ides of edible food houses is flipping AWESOME!!! Please post tomorrow so we can see pictures!

    Also…I am sorry about the nagging knee! I hope it feels better soon because I know injuries suck!!! Keep us posted! 🙂

    Sorry for the LONG response! haha!

  3. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    ah i lovethat lunch bag!! and sorry about the injury preventing you from doing the workouts 😦 you will get better soon though!! and i love annie’s honey bunnies..yummm!

  4. Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce

    hahah love the bunny exposed pic. sorry to hear about your knee, hope icing does the trick! isn’t gossip girl the best? it’s my secret obsession.

  5. That lunch bag is too cool!! I want one!

    And I hope your knee is better! ugh what a pain!!

  6. Lol, loved your expression with the pomelo, but that IS huge! Almost as big as Heidi Montag’s newly done boobs!

    Anyway…sorry about your knees…boo…:-(
    Praying that it gets better!

  7. i freaking hate michael bublee is married. he is so sexy! i want to marry him!!
    so sorry about your knees girlfrand!
    LOVE baby food! my roomies think im so weird for that!

  8. This was seriously the first time I’ve listened to Michael Buble….LOVEEEEEE 🙂

  9. What a classic picture! I love the pomelo picture and the look on your face! Hilarious! I love Buble’s video- I’m convinced that I am his soul mate- he just hasn’t met me yet… lol
    Have fun!

  10. Yep I feel ya, I’ve been busy too with the start of school n all! But lovingggg all your beautiful eats…and YAY for finishing season 2 of Gossip Girl…I’m having SUCH A HARD TIME finding Season 3 episodes online! I’ve only found the first one, so I can’t get caught up :(!

  11. Eat Kale. Natural anti-inflammatory.
    I’m a believer that most “nagging” injuries are a result if tight or unbalanced hips. You’re at a greater risk of this from being a jumper… so, make sure you pay EXTRA attention to stretching your hips and butt!

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