What happens when we don’t have class…

Helllo:) I’ve been MIA for the past few days… BUT I’ve given into the Blog-Obsession of the GREEN MONSTER! It wasn’t too bad! (I definitely tasted the spinach, though!) I just mixed frozen spinach, a banana, milk, and yogurt. Next time I’m going to try adding vanilla protein powder. Does anyone have any suggestions on what else to add (berries?)? Lauren also tried one- she added cookies & cream protein powder, & wasn’t too crazy about it- but I think she got used to it… hehe
Anyways, this is what mine looked like:

VERY Green

Other recent activities that don’t include eating have been Practicing &Lifting (clearly), Hard Core games of Mini-Golf throughout the Hallways, Nerf Gun Wars,(Dana bought bowling yesterday on yet another supermarket trip- so we’ll have to do that soon), cooking, chatting, and going out to Din Din… Last night we went to Olive Garden with a couple of the sophomore girls on the team (pictures are of course always included)

My lovely gorgeous friends 🙂

When we got there- I was starving and I attacked the salad, had a bread stick, and ate this with a side of whole wheat pasta and marinara sauce

Ma DinDin: Venetian Apricot Chicken... SO GOOD- completely reccomended

But of course, a lot of the fun happened AFTER HOURS…

Me, Lauren, and Dana with (Dana and I with our snuggies, clearly), and Nerf Guns... ya dig?

We then watched the Double Episodes of Jersey Shore with a whole bunch of people, and we of course had to dress the part… (Did anyone else watch it??)- And I know I’ve mentioned the show in a lot of the posts- I’m not obsessed, i swear, it’s just so much fun!!!! hehe

Kaitlin, Me, and Lauren watching Jersey Shore with our Poofs and Sunglasses

I made this post fast because I didn’t have a lot of time :/, but since I haven’t been on here in a while and missed it, I decided I’d give a quick update! I realized that it is SUPER hard to balance everything (I don’t know what I’m gonna do when school starts!)- I would love if all you bloggies out there answered a quick question-How do you balance blogging with school/socializing/working out/ other activities that you do?! Thanks a lot guys!

I’m off to practice and we have our first official meet tomorrow! So pumped:)
Have a great Friday!



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17 responses to “What happens when we don’t have class…

  1. I’m also wondering how I’ll balance blogging once school starts! Love the Jersey Shore outfits!
    I tend to be an early riser and enjoy having a couple of hours in the morning to just relax…sip my coffee/read blogs and that’s usually when I post. 🙂

  2. This semester I have more time off so I can blog more.. but last semester I just did the best that I could! There’s no way I could have blogged during nursing school though.. I was always so busy!

  3. Ooh…I love the apricot chicken from Olive Garden…so good! Goodluck at your meet tomorrow…I definitely want an update!!:)

  4. Snuggies!!!!!
    My snuggie is green

    You should try the “green machine” naked juice. Try it, check out some of the ingredients, and maybe you can use those for your Green Monster next time to have it taste less like spinach. Do you only use a blender? If so… you might want to look into getting a proper juicer. Wayyyy better!

    I juice celery, green apples, and pineapple with spinach sometimes. Anyime you add pineapple you get a really sweet taste so it balances out the veggies (and it’s a light light color… so doesn’t affect the appearance too much) When I am feeling sick or run down, I juice Kale, and Broccoli… but again, add the pineapple and granny smiths.

    We call our green juice the “Green Goddess”… 🙂 Because here in Boston, the Green Monster is the name of a big wall that pro baseball players try to hit homeruns over 😉

    balancing blogging and social life is easy once you leave college. Social life shinks a bit! 😉

  5. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    that looks like so much fun- you and you rfriends are pretty 🙂 and for the green monsters- i didn’t freeze the spinach and i added peanut butter- so good!
    as far as balancing eveyrthign- i just try to blog when i can. when i was at school, i would just blog when I had time. it isn’t worth the stress but sometimes it is definitely a good release.

  6. OH my gosh you and your friends are so freaking CUTE!! me and you would be total bffs at school .LOVE olive garden!! ive gotten that chicken before! so great. I NEED TO CATCH UP ON JERSEY SHORE!! was it really good?
    have a fun night!

  7. OMG I neeed to try that Green Monster! And you guys are super cute! haha, remind me of my friends and I! Have a grrrrreat weekend 🙂

  8. glad to see you liked the green monster 😉 i’m pretty much obsessed with them, haha. i’ve never heard of it being made with frozen spinach, though. but it turned out okay?? good to know if i’m ever in a pinch…

  9. Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce

    i have no clue how blogging is going to fit in my life once school starts (on tuesday, gasp!) you and your pals are so cute, goofballs!

  10. I love green monsters! So amazing…

    That snuggie pic is hilarious. I just don’t get the snuggies, but what can I say?

  11. I’m glad you finally gave into the blogging obsession of the green monster. I just read about the purple monster… just add blueberries. I haven’t tried it yet but I plan on doing it soon!

  12. Heather

    the first time i made a green monster i used frozen spinach (the kind that is already frozen when you buy it) and it was HORRIBLE then i realized i should be using fresh spinach leafs like you buy in the salad section – MUCH BETTER! i put everything else i want in my smoothie in the blender first then just fill it the rest of the way to the top with spinach and you can’t taste it at all! hope that helps

  13. Haha you and your friends are so damn cool. Must have lots of fun together!
    I blog at night. And I have a 7 pm rule. I NEVER do any kind of work after 7 pm. once the clock hits 7, I’m a free bird!

  14. CUTE pics!! LOVE the pink snuggy! I used to live OGarden, but then my coach order it to-go for us at almost every meet and ruin my love for it 😦 I hope your meet went AMAZINGLY!! Have a great sunday! xoxo!

  15. Fresh spinach tastes less spinachy than frozen. I like frozen though because you don’t need to add ice and it lasts forever and it’s cheaper.

    Berries makes a GREAT addition. Any fruit really.

    I don’t balancce them haha. It drives me a little bit crazy actually!!! it’s hard. I think I’m going to have to take blogging breaks this semester or I might not survive.

  16. i have never been to olive garden can you believe that?!? the chicken looks great!!! you and your friends are SO cute with your poofs and sunglasses, what other way IS there to watch the Jersey shore. I cannot bleive how much hype that show gets…everywhere I go people are talking about it!! its like “the situaiton’ has become a whole new term!! BUTTT I LOVE IT!

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