Back at School!

Hey everyone! I was gonna post last night, but after grocery shopping, unpacking, and cleaning my suite, I was pooped. Either way, I am currently back at school right now! We don’t start classes until January 25, but we come up 2 weeks early for Track and Field Training … Even though we have been training since August, we don’t actually start competing until the Winter, so our Indoor Track season starts January 16 and then we go until Outdoor Track in May… So basically now is where it kicks into High-Gear and Pre-Season is COMPLETE. Practices actually start Monday, So I’m awaiting my WONDERFUL Roomies return tomorrow!! So basically these next 2 weeks consist of going to Track Practice/Lifting for a couple hours each day, then going back to the dorms to hardcore CHILL for the rest of the day. It’s amazing… Really, Not boring at all. Last year, we had a scavenger hunt, and me and Dana (You will all meet her tomorrow so I’m not referring to her as “My Friend, Dana” anymore, shes just Dana… same with “My Roommate, Lauren”…just Lauren) hehe:)… Anyways, me and Dana had a Prank War with the guys that lived next door to us: guys shaved their heads, shaving cream was legitimately everywhere, and the end result was a decent sized snowman outside the boys’ door . Good Times…

Cute, Aint he?

Oh, and I almost forgot the best part! We get to COOK (No dining halls open) for the next 2 weeks, so Dana and I will be cooking bloggie-inspired food for the next 2 weeks- We love everyones recipes! So we are super pumped:) Does anyone have any suggestions on Easy, Fun to make, Delicious, & Healthy foods we can make? We have 14 Days of Experimentation and are TOTALLY Up for suggestions!!

ANYWAYS, enough of that and on to FOOD:)
The last few days have been pretty hectic so I haven’t had a full day of food to record- So I’m just gonna post pictures of some of the yummy things that I have eaten since the last time I posted…

1. I tried Steel Cut Oats!– Never had them before, and not too shabby! I got the quick ones from Trader Joe’s, but they were still good… very nutty flavor to them.

2. Had overnight oats for the first time in a Month. AMAZING. What can I say- these never let me down…ever. I always let them chill overnight will Greek Yogurt, Cinnamon, and a Banana- then add everything else in the morning. This time they were Ultra- Banana-y because I added TJ’s Banana Cluster Cereal, which by the way, is PHENOMENAL.

Overnight-Soaked Goodness:)

3. An amazing trip to Wegman’s Fresh Food Bar (Blanched Broccoli and Cauliflower, Red Peppers, and My FAV Indian dish- Channa Masala with un-pictured Brown Rice)

Cellular Pic

4. Accompanied with a lovely trip to Wegman’s

ahhhhh!! (Cue Heavenly Choir Music)

My desk at la escuela con lotsa delicious food… Hopefully all of this will feed me for the next 2 weeks, but we shall see! Theres cans of beans, veggies, delicious bready products, hummus, 3 pounds of apples, and huge Tub of Fage (So long, Chobani, you will be missed!)

Speaking of Chobani, (Is this like a commercial or what!?!), Katie over at Faith, Food & Fitness is Hosting a Chobani Giveaway!! Get on that!!

Alrighty, well I am off to check out what everyone else has been eating, then I will be spending most of the day catching up on my Jersey Shore deprivation… Oh the greatness of trashy reality Television. I love the 21st Century:)



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13 responses to “Back at School!

  1. AHHHH reading this post makes me want to go back to school soooo baddd! Hahaha, I love that you watch Jersey Shore…not gonna lie, I’m a Real Housewives fan πŸ˜› Have a great weekend, and supahhh psyched to seee all your bloggy creations that you concoct!

  2. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    yay for fage! 2% is my shit.. & overnight oats is so good πŸ™‚ never had steel cut oats. glad you got back to school safely and everything. prank wars are always fun!!


  3. strawberrysuitcase

    love wegmans–they don’t have it at the school i’m staying at so i am jealous. that’s fun that you’re back at school but have some time off before you have to go to classes and can chill and cook!

  4. aw what a cute look snowman πŸ˜€
    oh my gosh I am in love with those Thomas WW Bagels – perfect for a nice pb & j breakie.

  5. LOVE channa masala! Oh yes ;)! And I really want to try the banana nut clusters- they sound delicious!
    That’s fun that you get to cook the next two weeks- hmmm you can play around quite a bit- maybe try making different types of: risotto, enchilada bakes, grain-bean salads, stirfries, etc.

  6. Jersey Shore is hilarious!!! I just stumbled upon your blog, it’s great! We like the same sorts of foods.=)

  7. I think you should try the lentil loaf if you have time!

  8. Dana

    ahhhh yay for flashbacks!!!!!! gotta love it. i wonder what trouble we can get ourselves into this break (cue copious amounts of evil laughter here…) lovin the wegmans purchases!!!!! and yeah…overnight oats? havent had them in so long i practically forgot how to make them…how sad is that? absolute blasphemy in my opinion (i love how i just called myself/my actions absolutely blasphemous…because that’s a word, right?)

    since this comment is getting weirder by the minute (clearly im hungry and its affecting how my brain functions), let me just add in that tonight im having REAL FRESH SALMON and a “couple” sweet potatoes πŸ™‚ hahaha celebrating the bday early, ya know. have fun tonight in whatever you do and i will see you tomorrow night (!!!!!!!!!!! times a million)

  9. Holy mother of pearl that snowman is awesome!! LOL

    And it looks like you’ve been up to eating some delicious foods! Oh and by the way I totally posted a picture of me flexing today.. just for you! Yikes! haha

  10. ahh thanks for the shoutout love!
    i REALLY love your blog btw.. i feel like we have so much in cmmon!
    howd you made your overnight oats girlfrand? i need to try those soon!!!
    okay you gota make-butternut squash fries, have OIAJ, kale chips, stuffed acorn squash, “pumpkin pie” (1/2 cup egg whites or beaters, 1/2 cup of pumpkin, cinn, truvia..made into 3 pancakes and microwaved for 2-3 minutes each)

  11. Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce

    oh my lord, that snowman is AMAZING! so much better than saran wrapping a toilet seat. jersey shore- i’ll fist pump to that! hope your practices get off to a great start!

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