Happy 101 award & 101 Tangents

Why Hello there, everyone!
First Order of Business: Does anyone who has WordPress know how to add other bloggies to my blogroll that ARE NOT part of WordPress (Blogspot, etc.)? I don’t know why I can’t figure it out, but it would be veryy helpful if someone could let me know ;)… Thanks!

Secondly: I would like to say Thank You to Sara from Sprinkle of Cinnamon for tagging me in the Happy 101 Award:)… The Rules say I have to name 10 things that make me HAPPY:), and then tag 10 other blogs!

This is gonna be super hard to narrow down to 10 ahhH!>>>
1. God- Especially because I know I’m being taken care of, and I know how Lucky I am with everyone and everything I have.
2. My Parents (&the rest of my famm)- Great support system and I know how much my parents care about me and want me to succeed.
3. My friends- I have AMAZING friends- both at home and at school, and I know how truly blessed I am because I have them. I can tell my friends anything, knowing I won’t be judged, and it feels great knowing others understand.
4. Seeing Guys with little kids- It makes my heart melt, I think the biggest turn on is to see a guy that is good with children (Motherly instinct, possibly??)
5. Eating amazing food- I love eating a delicious dish and having an uncontrollable smile after/during eating it and the sides of my mouth get sore-ish, and with a mouth full of food saying “Thassooogood”(Imagine someone saying that with a huge piece of chocolate cake in their mouth-yummm)
6. Jumping well- If I PR at a meet, or do really well, I’ll be happy for the rest of the day week.
7. The feeling after an amazing workout, feeling sore, but accomplished… especially after an amazing AB workout where my tum tum hurts for 2 days afterward- sooo good:)
9. The blog community- I know I’m so new to it, but I already feel like apart of a big loop of amazing people, and I get so excited when I read someone else’s post and I’ve been through the same thing, or feel the same way, or ATE THE SAME THING!
10. The changing Seasons. Like being outside during the fall, and smelling the air, and the beauty of the trees changing colors, or seeing sunlight reflecting on the water. Or During the winter, cozying up inside with a mug of hot chocolate or tea, in a huge sweatshirt and sweatpants (possibly by a fire?) chatting with friends. Spring- being outside comfortably in a T-shirt and jeans, and Summer- Staying out late with friends, going to the beach, just everything.
mmmmm, Love Cornyness:)

&&10 More Blogs that make me SMILE:)– (Even though I’m sure most of you already got this)
Faith, Food & Fitness, Finding Happiness and Health, Peanut Butter Bliss, Jess Likes It Hot, Peanut Butter and Jenny, Letters from the Oasis Live, Laugh, Eat, Snackface ,Foods of April,Brynne in Balance

Okay So I tried a New Thangg Yesterday: Kath’s Oatmeal Pancakes

I doubled the recipe… and They weren’t bad but they just weren’t as flavorful as I would have liked… I added a whole mushed banana to the batter, which definitely gave it a good sweetness, but even when I added brown sugar to the 2nd one, It was still a little bland. I also put Greek Yogurt and Peanut Butter on top. I really liked the texture- I was very surprised that Oats, egg whites, and some baking powder could do that. Next time, I’ll just have to figure something out to make ’em sweeter!

I then went to go do my workout, and Let me just tell you, I get EXTREMELY excited over new running clothes. Like, it’s weird. If theres other runners/ athletes out there, maybe you will understand where I am coming from, I know my trackie friends at school get me, but yeah…tangent. Either way, I have been dreaming about a pair of 3/4 length Capris Running spandex for like a year. Finally got ’em for Christmas, and I whipped those babies out for yesterday’s workout!

Spandex-y Amazingness: 'Nuff Said.

By the way, I may or may not be flexing my calves for the picture so I would looked jacked. That’s another obsession of mine: The Dream of looking Jacked out of my mind. Okay, well not that jacked, but super strong and athletic looking,which I guess I already do… but the more toned the better! And these Spandex help me out in the “intimidation department”– Haha wow this must sound so stupid, but at track meets, I love trying to look intimidating to my competitors (or at least thinking I do), It builds my meet-confidence. And since track is like 50% mental(if not more), This Helps. Wow I’m great at ranting today…Perfectly Fine.

Off-Day Workout: So I did 30 mins on the exercise bike + 20 minutes of ABs
I did hard abs too, and you know what I felt?!?! NOTHING. It’s because I’ve been doing the same routine for a month, and I think my tummy’s getting immune to it :(.
Does anyone have any really good ab workouts they would like to suggest? I wanna feel the burnnnnnnnn!

Post Workout Enjoyment>>

Now isn't that the cutest thing you've ever seen?

This is a Mini Thomas’s Whole Wheat Bagel- YUM:)…and the caption I just typed under it reminds me of that Episode of Full House where Michelle had to wear that hat, and Danny kept saying, “Isn’t that the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?”… Stop me now, If anyone knows what I’m talking about, Hollllerrr! 🙂

Snacks of the day Included 1/2 a thing of Hummus with ~50 Unpictured Pretzel thins (Which I didn’t plan on opening until I got to school- but clearly things changed), and Lots of Veggie-Dippage

Cucumbers, & a 2lb. bag of carrots=Dangerous

And me and my dad enjoyed a big bowl of Edamame (amazing microwaveable bags from Costco- put ’em in there for 30 minutes and BAM! Perfection.)

I made Dinner tonight as well, Thanks to Trader Joe’s Whole Wheat Pizza Dough and Sauce:

Up Close and Personal: Spinach Salad with Apple Slices, Red Onion, Walnuts, (Unpictured Blue Cheese)

The Pizza wasn’t cooked long enough… Fail. But I like Doughy-ness So it really didn’t bother me or my brother (we actually kinda like it…),but my parents put their peices in for longer. I don’t know what it is about partially cooked/Uncooked things (Cookie Dough, Gooey Centers of Mushy Brownies, Al-Dente Pasta, etc.), That I kinda like… whatevv to each his own:) I’m rambling again- I think I’m gonna title this Post something involving that, because clearly I have ADD Today.

Happy Hump Day, Bloggies! (First Time I’ve said that, woo!)



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18 responses to “Happy 101 award & 101 Tangents

  1. Spandexxx is amazzzzing, totally agree. And new, super-flyy running clothes is def my biggest incentive to go strut my stuff on a run too, haha.

  2. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    hahah i love how you are so honest about when you feel you ‘fail’ at foods, but that pizza still looks amazing to me! & i love getting new owrk out clothes! your off days are still pretty intense 🙂 and thanks for the award hun, i just did that and i am pretty sure i passed it on to you 😀



  3. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    oh & as far as the blogroll thing, what you do is go to your dashboard and click the thing on the left that says link and ‘add new’. then you simply put the blogs name under name… so like for me you’d do “findinghappinessandhealth” and then under web address you simply put int he web address!! then check blogroll under categories and save.. and there ya go!
    you dont need a description or anything

  4. Dana

    that salad looks delicioussssss btw just had greek yog, KEFIR (YOU.MUST.TRY.), the freshest reddest most amazing strawberries from trader joes (caved, they looked too good but were expensive fail) regular oats (yes, i now put plain, uncooked oats in my yogurt thanks to you!) and some walnuts. incredible.

    my list going back to school is already out of control (only food and oven mitts LOL)

    guys w. little kids make me smile too hahaha i loved your 10 things and let me tell you tyra banks would be so proud bc you look FIERCE in your 3/4 length spandex, america east betta watch out for you come conferences 😉

  5. I died laughing when I read you want to be jacked out of your mind… That’s me… except I say “I want to be so jacked that I will win races before the gun goes off… cuz the other chicks are too scared to challenge my muscles…” true story… but I’m kinda lazy… HA! For abs, I dare you to try to beat my 10 minute hula hoop record on the wii fit. 😉 if you want to feel the burn, that will do it!!! (and I’ve seen surprising results as well!)

    Thanks for the tag!

  6. Those pancakes look nice n dense (thats how I like ’em…thick and satiating!)
    As for your lil uncooked fetish…I have this thing where a lot of the times I either like my food undercooked (cookies, sometimes eggs, real al dente pasta, etc) or a little on the burnt side (mostly with toast or when I’m browning one of my bechamel pasta casseroles in the oven). Haha something must by iffy bout my taste buds!

  7. You’re so sweet for tagging me! Made my day :0) I totally understand about running/work out gear .. my Lululemon running tights and small bank account prove that. Your pizza looks BANGIN – totally understand about slightly imperfect/undercooked food too!

  8. i am so in love with all your happy things! ESP the God, laughing uncontrollably, and guys with little kids!! SOO CUTE!! why dont we go to the same school? we would so be BFFS!!!
    i LOVEEEE full house and your hottie running clothes! ow oww!

  9. You sound like me! I like doughiness, too. I get cranky when my bread gets too crispy, because I like the dense, chewy texture.
    Hm, as for the blogroll, you’ve gotta manually add it if the blogs are not wordpress. Sucks.

  10. Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce

    adorable bagel! omg seeing guys with little kids totally melts my heart too! and uncontrollable laughter + changing seasons make life worth living ;).

  11. anon

    awesome calfs! I’m hoping to start competiting in figure competitions this year, so completely get the dream of being “jacked” lol (along with the whole excitement of new running gear! haha).

    to answer your ab delima (hopefully!) here’s what I usually do for abs… a combination of running, irish dance, and my own circuit training routine. I’m a competitive irish dancer, so don’t expect you to do this lol, but I’ll go into a bit of detail about my customized circuit training.

    first, I start out with 30, GOOD form push-ups, no girl style allowed 😉 then, I hold a wallsit for two minutes. you may want to start out with less time at first, since wallsits KILL your quads. being a jumper though, I think you can handle it!

    following the wallsit, I lie on the ground, raising my shoulders/head as if I’m going to do a crunch, while raising my legs rougly 45 degrees off the ground. then, I hold this posistion (your body should look like a really wide v) for two minutes. next, I go into a plank for one minute. this concludes one rep of my circuit… each circuit consists of three reps.

    I like to do one circuit in the morning, and one in the evening. here’s my bodyspace if you’d like more info…http://bodyspace.bodybuilding.com/Julzdanceruns/

    good luck, and thanks for keeping such a great blog! I love reading about fellow athletes 🙂

  12. Ada

    I love the new running capris and those pancakes seriously look amazing:)

  13. Seeing Guys with little kids- It makes my heart melt, I think the biggest turn on is to see a guy that is good with children (Motherly instinct, possibly??)

    LOVE THIS! whenever I see guys with little kids i always smile!! I cant wait to be a mom one day!

    love those capris, look at your hawt legs, girl!

    sorry about your pizza fail but it sounds like it still came out pretty darngood!

  14. You should definitely try pancakes made with 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 cup cottage cheese, 1/2 cup egg whites, and 1/2 banana all blended up! They come out nice and fluffy!

    And ab workouts.. check out my workout page! I have a couple posted on there that kill them!

    And thanks so much for the award! I’ll post it tonight!

  15. Megan

    LOVE those capris!! I actually have a pair of those in black and olive green! They’re so comfy and awesome for colder workouts 🙂

  16. strawberrysuitcase

    isnt that the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? haha loved the full house throw back.

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