…Can you say FIBER?

Good evening:) I hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday! I changed the layout/picture on my blog, I’m not sure if I like it yet, but I’m testing things out!

Let me explain my title first and then I will go into my post. First of all today was full of fiber-packed fun! hehe… You will see from my eats, that I definitely wasn’t lacking in that department. And according to our one of the RULES (we have a long list of crazy rules) from our suite(shout out to Dana!) back at school, “There is no such thing as too much fiber”… But is there? I went to a nutritionist during the school year, and she told me I was consuming 237% of my daily nutritional needs of Fiber. Now thats A LOT of extra nutrients. And after doing my research, there could in fact be a problem with eating wayyy over the daily recommended amount. I’ve try to cut down a bit by substituting some things, or not putting pumpkin in my oats every day, and making sure I drink enough water, but lately it hasn’t been a problem so I decided I’m living it up in the fruits&veggies world for the day:)
…sooo, after that little tidbit of information, Here is what has been consumed today–>

I started the day off with a a Thomas’ (fiber packed) Whole Wheat Bagel & a delicious shake (umm…fiber) with:
1 cup frozen mixed berries
milk, yogurt, flaxseed, wheatgerm
1/2 banana
little less than 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder
~1 tbsp PB

Nice way to kick off a Sunday Mornin'

Later on, I clearly had to finish the 2nd half of the banana w/ Smucker’s Natural (it’s my fav) Crunchy Peanut Butter (which i also enjoyed with a cup of un-pictured decaf green tea)

1/2 banana with 1/2 a jar of PB...perfectly fine.

By that time, I had already gone to church, experienced the bitter cold snowy-ish weather, and cozied up inside enjoying the last Sunday at home for the next few months:/(wow that sounds depressing, sorry hehe)
And then I decided to make a lovely salad for me and mama

Why hello there, Bowl-O-Fiber!

This salad was hugeeee:
Lots of mixed greens (even those annoying tree thingys that I hate and make my mom eat:))
1/2 Cucumber
3 Mushrooms
Red Onion
Olive Oil and Trader Joe’s White Balsamic Vinegar
I ate about 2/3 of this… (::cough:: fiber ::cough::)

Followed by a little bit of leftover salmon and a piece of Arnold’s Oat Nut Bread

Snack included almonds, then a Granny smith about an hour later

My mom had also bought Pinto Beans today (perfect for making refried beans!), soo I decided I would try cooking them for the first time (I’m working on my skillz* so I can be an expert chef by the time we have a house next year;))
***Note: This is the Quick Version- The long way requires over-night Soakage, and Slow Cooker 6-hour Heatage***… I simply don’t have time for that.
So This is how I did it:

Closeup right outta the package

STEP 1: Look through the beans very carefully... I found 3 little pebbles! (They tell you to do this, it's actually a normal thing that lil' rocks show up!)

STEP 2: Put the beans in 8 cups of water until they boil for 2 minutes, then let them sit there for an hour

STEP 3: Drain the water from the beans, and refill the pot with 6 cups of water to cook 'em

STEP 4: Cook over low heat for 2 hours in a slightly covered pot

STEP 5: (Note my Dad's gloves hehe) Drain out some of the water and Mush 'em up!

My dad then used the Infuser to Mush the beans up a little better- It worked quickly & wonderfully

STEP 6: Add Stuff to them!!

We ended up adding Sautéed Onions (above), Salsa, Salt, Pepper, Fresh Pressed Garlic, Cumin, Chili Powder, and a couple other spices to make this super flavorful:)
AND Voilà! The Finished Product:

My absolutely Delish Burrito

This is a Whole Wheat tortilla, Salsa, Cheese, Plain non-fat yogurt (instead of sour cream, it tastes the same to me!), and Lettuce
I Wrapped this baby up and it was fiberous perfection 🙂
My mom also made stuff for Chicken Fajitas:

My Chicken Fajita Creation

All of this was accompanied with another serving of beans because they were so gosh darn yummy (and lets not forget fiber-packed) hehe.

My tummy was full, but Oh So Happy:)
Our dessert was a bunch of fiberous fruit my mom cut up, with almonds

Family Fruit Fest!

With a side of Family-Game- Nite (we’re such cornballs)

Rumikub: Exercising our brains

My dad won, no surprise there, the man’s a genius… My brother was upset we didn’t play Wii bowling (…or because he didn’t win), But we are all pretty competitive, hense my inner-athlete ;).

And the night was ended with a peice of no-fiber added chocolate fudge that my aunt had made and my 4th cup of un-pictured decaf green tea


I hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday!
Goodnite, bloggies:)



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14 responses to “…Can you say FIBER?

  1. oh my gosh those fajitas look amazee!!
    I totally relate to you on the fiber thing-i EAT SO MUCH FIBER and dont even mean to.. i actually try to CUT back! that way i feel less bloated and gassy! (tmi-but you feel me!)
    your fam game night is SUPER cute girl!

  2. The chocolate fudge looks like major good stuff!!!!!! yummy!!!

  3. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    wii bowling sounds fun! & yumm the fajitas look awesomee- & your family’s dessert is very healthy haha.
    & i think the part about fiber is interesting- im sure i get wayt oo much too!!



  4. TRACK AND FIELD! woot woot!
    Just found your blog. I’m a distance runner though, no sand in my shoes. 🙂

  5. ahh thats crazy about the rocks in the beans better be careful with those!! the final product looks AWESOME!

    I have so much fiber in my diet too, and like kbwood said, I dont even mean too it just happens to be in lots of food I eat! I should probably cut back too 🙂

    have a great morning!

  6. Haha, I think you eat pretty normally for a blogger, so DANG we all must be eating tonssss of fiber! Oh, and I totally can relate to the half of jar of PB on a like a PIECE of banana. Sooooo goood 🙂

  7. Damnnn girl, that really is a boatload of fibre ;)! But all delicious looking nonetheless. I personally can’t eat humongous amounts of fibre because it makes me feel this weird nauseous feeling (once I bought those la tortilla wraps and didn’t realise they had 12g of fibre per tortilla and an hour after eating it I felt kind of sick the rest of the day…but I’m guessing because those have artificially added fibre to them).
    That fudge though…oh yes.

  8. Yumm that bagel looks so soft and doughy. I WANT!!!!

    But don’t worry about the fiber!! I bet you’re not really getting as much as you think! 😉

    Plus, you’re an athlete–so “normal” nutritional guidelines don’t necessarily apply to you!!

  9. Kim

    Your food looks so yummy! I’ve never cooked pinto beans before – thanks for showing us how you did it!

  10. Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. I always thought fiber was SOOOO good for me, and went overboard, too. And I always wondered why I felt so horrible all the time! Haha!

    I need to try pinto beans next!

  11. Ahh I have fiber overload.. and unfortunetly it doesn’t do anything for my tummy! Dang tummy problems..tmi I know 😉

    We make our pinto beans the same way! They are really good with avocado and chili!

  12. Dana

    YUM. FIBER. (my brain now officially hurts and cant think to comment anymore but we are making those beans back up at school now im having major cravings) less than a weeeeeeeeek ahhhhhh

  13. Pingback: Running on Empty « Snacks&Field

  14. Can never have enough pb on your banana!

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