A late start…

Why hello there!:) Let me start by saying that today went by ridiculously fast. I guess that’s what happens when you wake up at 12:30 and don’t eat breakfast until like 1, and then Badabing-Badaboom! It’s 8:30! I don’t remember the last time I slept in that late, but i guess my bod needed it:). It just threw off my sched a bit, but ill deal! Without further a due (is that how you spell/say that?!?), here is today’s food!

Woke up and made oats (over the stove finally!)… I usually microwave ’em because im lazy starving in the morning and try to Get My Eat On ASAP. But I decided I’d just do it this way and my tummy was very happy I did:)

Bananerrr Oats con almond butter

3/4 Cup Oats
1 1/2 cups skim milk
1 banana cut up really thin so it melts ever so nicely into the oatmeal
~1 Tbsp. each flaxseed & wheatgerm
~2 Tbsp. Maranatha AlmondButteryGoodness

I then blogged around and stalked other people’s New Years Eve Facebook photos for a really long time at my kitchen table… I had spent the past couple days running around and doing a lot of stuff, that I just wanted so sit and stare at a computer screen for 2 hours… I loved it.

During which I snacked on 2 peices of Arnold’s Oat Nut bread as my Pre-Workout Fuel The website is right, this stuff is Bread Perfected: No HFCS, and I can snack on it Un-Toasted and with nothing on it (wow i kinda sound like a commercial…)

Because it is freezing outside, the only indoor track by me is closed, and my high school hallways are off limits for the day- I went down to my basement to do a workout on the exercise bike (yawn!!) At least I got to watch Real Housewives of Orange County and Charlie’s Angels while doing so… So it made it a little better.
(I even had on black spandex and a tight black top on and i felt like I was fighting crime on my stationary bike, Soooo Hey, Charlie- if you need any more Angels, You can gimme a call;).)

30 minutes on an interval program (higher and lower difficulty levels, working my way up), as a warmup
Then a Breakdown Like this: High Difficulty Level—>
5x 20 seconds really fast and hard- 30 seconds slow recovery pace between each
4x20s ”
3x20s ”
2x20s ”
2x20s ”
1 minute recovery in between each set
This was my interpretation of a “500 breakdown” Workout that we do running 100m sprints at a “Tempo” Pace.
Either way, I felt really good and then cooled down for 10 minutes (and my butt was a “good sore” as well so i felt kinda accomplished;))
After this I lifted for about 45 minutes
Abs for 15 minutes
Stretching for 10
I was really well hydrated so the whole time I felt really good and energized:)
(But…Ahh can’t wait to do actual workouts at school!)

I only ate an apple right after the workout because dinner was about to be served immediately following my shower (time was flying so fast!!!)

Mmmm... best one of these babys I've had in a while:), ps notice the nails- I did those today while computer-ing

Dinner was at 6:30–Chicken Cordon Bleu that my mom made for the first time, it was really good, and was wayy better than any packaged stuff… steamed broccoli, roasted potatoes mixed with sweet potatoes(emphasis on the sweet potatoes), and salad. It was deliciouss:)
(No pics:/)

This was so good and filling, but I guess the after-burn of lifting got to me, and 1 1/2 hours later I wanted moreeee! ( I really didn’t fuel as well as I normally do because I woke up so late, so it makes sense)
I had a handful of frozen almonds(so much better this way btw)

And then this:

'Nilla Chobani with Oats, cinnamon, and little peices of walnuts on top 🙂

With some Decaf Green Tea

Can someone tell me why Green Tea isn't GREEN?!

And right now, I am currently toasting up an Whole Wheat English Muffinatorrr because I’m going to my cousin’s house because she going back to school tomorrow :(… We will chill and talk and drink tea for a few hours, It’s 9:15, I’ve only been up for like 9 hours, so hey, the night is still young! (And yes, I just linked that to Billy Joel;))

Have a wonderful rest-of-the-night!



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7 responses to “A late start…

  1. love your hardcore workouts girl!!!
    hahaha i sleep so late too! going t0 back to school is going to be a WAKE UP CALL.
    ive never tried that bread!

  2. Great Blog! Found it through Evan’s! What a workout…I’m a slack-azzzzz…oh and I totally get you on the sleeping in thing. I’ve slept in till 9 this weekend and getting up again at 6 throughout the week is not going to be easy :(…check out my blog if you like or add me to your Roll – love new readers!

  3. I love that palm tree mug you have…and as weird as that is, having ‘a good sore’ butt is one of my favourite feelings…especially stretching afterwards and flexing the glutes. haha.
    PS…I think its “adieu”

  4. *Andrea*

    i always to microwaved oats for the same reason – i’m so hungry in the morning that on top of laziness i dont feel like using the stove… are they really that much better?? maybe since i have more time over winter break i’ll try but at school im too lazy.. it bothers me that green tea isn’t green too!!!! hahaha

  5. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    ive never tried frozen almonds?? that sounds good though!! & yay for sleeping in..i slept til liek 1115 today and i havent in soo long either, it felt great. love all your eats 🙂



  6. Dana

    frozen nuts, refridgerated prunes=proof that most things taste better cold (besides tea OF COURSE…lame attempt at a joke obvs) ugh and im a slave to the bike too you dont know how much of a dire need im in right now to RUN jeeze i havent done any workout this break on a track and its killnnnnnnnnn me

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