2 for 1

Hellllllo… This post is gonna be a mix-up of foods from today and yesterday, hopefully I don’t confuse myself!

Well both today and yesterday started with a workout, so I had a peice of whole wheat bread beforehand to get something in my stomach. Yesterday, I went outside and ran and did my track warm-up on the outdoor track in 20-something degree weather. Dumb idea, Michelle. Dumb. And today, I attempted to start off outside, but it was sososososo cold, I ran for 4 minutes and couldn’t take it anymore (I’m sucha wimp!) So I went in my nice, warm house and just sweat it out on the exercise bike and did my lift. The post-workout meal after both days was a shake. Yesterday’s was accompanied with a Thomas’s whole wheat bagel (I highly recommend these things- they are so soft, delicious, and No HFCS!!)

Frozen Berries, 1/2 a banana, 1 scoop vanilla protein powder, milk, yogurt

you are perfect just the way you are

Pumpkin Oats in a Jarrrrrr

Today, I had just enough almond butter left to have Oats in a jar (SUCCESS!), accompanied with cinnamon and the other 1/2 banananana:)

(wow this is kinda difficult doing 2 days, NOTE TO SELF: don’t do this again) hehe…
Other food for the two days included the following:

multiply this by 3

Multiply this by 1000... note the hummus in the background. It's all gone now, after 2 days I finished my creation...kinda proud:)

I finished the last Candy Cane Lane teabag:(...Best Tea Ever Created.

simply delicious.

I swear vanilla Chobani is the best yogurt I’ve ever had. I miss it at school because they don’t have this brand, but the texture beats all others, I don’t really stray from the vanilla or plain though… I had the pomegranate one once, which was really interesting because it has little pomegranate seeds in it (Try it if you have a chance, it’s an experience!) but it was a little too sweet for me.

HUGE OMLET! 2 eggs+whites, many mushrooms, and chopped onion

my loveeee for eggs grows while I’m at school because they only have cartonized ones, so I get as many in at home while i can (and cholesterol? ehh, I eat enough oatmeal it should even out:))

neon green brussel sprouts?

I swear these didn’t look like this in real life, the flash on my camera throws it off i guess!…sautéed with olive oil, garlic, salt n’ peppa. Not too shabby!
And my proudest creation (which I made both days):


These are Snackface-Inspired Cheetahs… They weren’t as browned and as delicious looking as they appeared on Kailey’s page (I’m not that patient:/), but they were super yummy! Girl, you know what you’re doing! I topped mine with a little cinnamon:)

Tonight’s dessert was this:

Baby Canoliiii

Extra Cream. Italians really know howto make great food.

I believe that’s all I have photographed for now, BUT i will leave you with this…

OMGZ!! Snuggieeee!

My best friend Kristina got me this WONDERFUL Creation (of which I am wearing right now) as a Christmas Gift. I love how I can type and am still blanketed. It’s great, like a backwards bath robe. My mom said I looked like a person on top of a cake. I’m not sure exactly what that means,but I’ll take it.

As seen on TV...

I thought you’d all enjoy this absurdity, (even though I’m going to be wearing this every day for the rest of my life). Have a wonderful night!




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7 responses to “2 for 1

  1. feerlessfood

    I love the blog name haha! I bought almond butter the other day and I really like the taste- it was way runnier than PB though. Is the brand you use runny as well? I’ll look look forward to reading your blog!

  2. The baby cannoli looks great. At whole foods they sell tubs of just the filling; that also looks great, haha

    I’m going to try making homemade hummus today for a New Years Eve party… if it lasts that long

  3. oh my gosh you are so cute in your snuggie!
    so glad you found my blog 🙂
    that baby cannoli is so cute and looks delish!

  4. Thanks for the sweet comment girl!! I always love finding other college-aged girls too–its fun to see how similar we all are 🙂

    And YUM aren’t kailey’s cheetahs the best?! I always sprinkle mine with dash seasoning and dip ’em in LOTS of ketchup or mustard.

  5. Hah I haven’t quite found a way to incorporate my snuggie into my blog yet, but you did it quite nicely!

    Brussels sprouts look delish. Cheers!


  6. Dana

    ummmm so glad you hopped on the snuggie train…i will be bringing mine up to school so we can have snuggie parties and blog together hehehe 😉 i got back from cancun like an hour ago and im just catchinig up on (aka stalking) your life muahahah but i missed your face mucho (dig the espanol?) and seeing you with a snuggie just plain makes my night hahahahahaha

  7. What kind of protein powder do you use??

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