I Made Hummus!

Hello! I have exciting news… I made hummus today! woo!! (Great accomplishment, but back to that later)

I woke up this morning and lately I haven’t really been the mood for a large bowl of oatmeal (weird.) Soo I made myself an omelet, but while making it, my mom and aunt said they wanted some, so I added more eggs and whites to it, and there just weren’t enough potatoes and onions anymore to call it a meal

mmm real-life eggs!

and by then I was in the mood for a decent size bowl of oats, and had this:

notso bad

1/2 Cup Oats, 1 cup milk, and 1/2 a banana, with the leftover PB in the jar(like 1/2 Tbsp)… Suprisingly really good, I’m used to adding 10000 things in my oats,but keeping it simple was nice and the banana taste was very good

After this, me and the fam went to church, and the priest talked about the importance of TIME and Family, all very true, it made me think about how important it is to spend time with my parents while I’m home… So I’ve decided not to go back to school AS early as I was going to for Track, and I figured I can improvise with my workouts here:) woo!

It was a BEAUTIFUL day out, like amazingly gorgeous and warm(ish), and I needed to take advantage… So after church, I went to a nearby park lake and went for a nice relaxing 3 mile run (woo! another accomplishment for me because as a jumper, we barely run and i truly enjoy a nice run every once in a while). My iPod died 1 1/2 songs in, but it was alllll gooood (besides the fact I had to run carrying it), because I was able to enjoy the sun on the water and all the people walking/biking/jogging around the lake and it really made me happy :).

On the way back, I stopped at the produce market and got the following:

Lotsa Cheap Produce= GREATNESS.

3 Cucumbers
3 Grapefruits
2 Apples
2 Peppers
Brussel Sprouts (Shout out to Dana!) hehe
1 lb. bag of Carrots
Pack of Mushrooms


All Less than $7… I’d say that was pretty successful, at least I was excited:)

So After this, I went home and had the other 1/2 of my banana mushed up in my plain Chobani Greek Yogurt :), followed by a Whole Wheat English Muffin(I’m clearly obsessed) with a little almond butterrr.

Delish Combo


I showered, and was gonna go to the store to pick up some hummus, and then my mom was like “HEY, I have Chickpeas, why dontcha just make it?!” BRILLIANT idea. Really. Especially because I have my brand new Magic-Bullet Impersonator to make it with sooo thats obv what I did:)

Before... Garbanzo-y amazingness

(I used the recipe here)
1 Can Chickpeas
1/4 Cup Olive Oil
1/2 A lemon of Juice
1 tsp. Cumin
a little garlic powder, salt, and pepper

After. Hummus-y Goodness

Ta-daaaaa! Granted, we didn’t have Tahini in the house, but it still tasted so so so good:)… and The Cumin reminded me of the Indian Chickpea Dish from Wegman’s… Next time I’m adding a little more of this stuff:)

I dipped many, many carrots, a whole cucumber, and some pretzels to enjoy this great concoction.


Carrots not pictured (I just eat them, I can’t control myself… seriously a carrot-addiction.)

I ended up going to the store later on anyways, picking up a few things (Thomas’s whole wheat bagels, Peanut Butter, and flat pretzel chips (will be featured later))

And then since i ate SO MUCH hummus, I was only kinda hungry so I had this for din-din:

Sushi and Edamame

Wow,I’m just realizing the large quantity of beans I’ve consumed today…dang.
After, this I had an apple, but again, ate it and couldn’t take a pic (…But use your imagination)

I then went out with my bff since 3rd grade Kristina:), and we drove around everywhere and talked for about 2 hours and ended up at Friendly’s where we got hit on by the creepy waiter (Get us some!…NOT.) He legit sat down next to me for 5 minutes and had a conversation, but anyways I got this…

Doesn't this look so pretty!?

2 scoops of Fat-Free Raspberry Frozen Yogurt with Oreo pieces (I ended up taking off the whipped cream and cherry… I’m a party pooper, I know.) But it was Raspgasmic<– wow. i love making up my own words. The best part about this was that a 2 scoop, 1 topping is called a "happy ending" so I couldn't help but giggle when I ordered it. I'm so mature.

When I got home, I was hungry…again. I didn't really have a huge meal today, so I guess it makes sense. SOo, I whipped out the Pretzel Flat things I got earlier and dipped 'em in hummus

and then 1/2 a grapefruit

Just 'cuz

…So i literally ate over 1/2 the Hummus I made tonight. No Bigs. 🙂
But if anyone has suggestions for making hummus, pleaseee let me know, I have a feeling this is going to be a more regular occurrence:)




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5 responses to “I Made Hummus!

  1. Dana

    jealousy. that hummus looks amazinnggggg and ps shot you buy all produce and bring it up to la escuela bc those prices are too good to be true wtf?! you would order a happy ending hahahaha so great. miss you. i made my own tomato sauce last night and it was fabulous. nelson would be so proud.


  2. Dana

    oh and ps the fam thing is very important thats a nice realization you came to 🙂 and if we were on facebook i would “like” that paragraph…

  3. all your food looks delicious and way to go making that hummus!

  4. That Friendly’s creation looks awesome.
    I definitely should try making my own hummus; I don’t like supermarket brands because of the tahini but I wouldn’t need to add it if I made my own.

  5. You definitely should add tahini next time!! Oh and try making some with pumpkin….Mmmmmmgasm!!

    Pretzel thins and hummus is so perfect.

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